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Practical ESM Analysis

Practical ESM Analysis

By (author): Sue Robertson
Copyright: 2019
Pages: 460
ISBN: 9781630815288
Coming Soon: Available 04/30/2019
List Price: £145.00

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The book explains phenomena seen in ESM systems with examples of how to recognize issues in the ESM data and solutions. Techniques for visualizing ESM data and how to set up ESM trials are given. The identification of radars by ESM systems is considered with ideas presented on how to generate an effective radar library.
Introduction; Radar Parameters and how they affect ESM Systems; The RF Environment ; Types of ESM; Amplitude Comparison ESM; Time Difference of Arrival ESM; Phase Comparison ESM; De-interleavers and ESM Processing; Location Estimation; ESM Performance Analysis; ESM Trials; Multi-tracking; Reflections and Multipath; Factors affecting multipath; The Extent of the Multipath Problem and Possible Solutions; Radar Identification and ESM Libraries; ESM Library Construction; Advanced Topics.
  • Sue Robertson
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