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Artech Access eBook Package: Antennas & Electromagnetics

Artech Access eBook Package: Antennas & Electromagnetics

Copyright: 2020
ISBN: 9781630811402

eBook £345.00

This one year subscription to our Artech Access online books platform includes 65 titles in Antennas, Electromagnetics, and Signal Processing, including our latest and top-selling titles. This collection includes the following eBooks:


Broadband Microstrip Antennas
Phased Array Antenna Handbook, Second Edition
Smart Antenna Engineering
Dielectric Resonator Antenna Handbook
Antennas and Propagation for Body-Centric Wireless Communication
Adaptive Antennas and Phased Arrays for Radar and Communications
Radiowave Propagation and Antennas for Personal Communications, Third Edition
Adaptive Phased Array Thermotherapy for Cancer
Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook, Third Edition
Multiband Integrated Antennas for 4G Terminals
Noise, Temperature Theory and Applications for Deep Space Communications Antenna Systems
Analysis of Radome Enclosed Antennas, Second Edition
Phased Array Antennas with Optimized Element Patterns
Plasma Antennas
Antennas and Propagation for Body-Centric Wireless Communications, Second Edition
GPS/GNSS Antennas
Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Remote Sensing for Security Applications
Antennas and Site Engineering for Mobile Radio Networks
Handbook of Reflector Antennas and Feed Systems Volume I: Theory and Design of Reflectors
Handbook of Reflector Antennas and Feed Systems Volume II: Feed Systems
Handbook of Reflector Antennas and Feed Systems Volume III: Applications of Reflectors
Measurement of Mobile Antenna Systems, Second Edition
Frequency-Agile Antennas for Wireless Communications
Reflectarray Antennas: Analysis, Design, Fabrication, and Measurement
Printed MIMO Antenna Engineering
Ultrawideband Antennas for Microwave Imaging Systems
Foundations of Antenna Engineering: A Unified Approach for Line-of-Sight and Multipath
The Art and Science of Ultrawideband Antennas, Second Edition
Antenna Design for Cognitive Radio
Ultrawideband Short-Pulse Radio Systems
Electromagnetics and Antenna Technology
Space Microelectronics Vol. 2: Integrated Ciruit Design for Space Applications
Space Microelectronics Vol 1: Modern Spacecraft Classification, Failure, and Electrical Component Requirements
Phased Array Antenna Handbook, Third Edition
Design and Applications of Active Integrated Antennas
Systems Engineering of Phased Arrays
Antennas for Small Mobile Terminals
Handbook of Antennas for EMC, Second Edition
Practical Microstrip and Printed Antenna Design
Practical Antenna Design for Wireless Products
Electromagnetic Modeling of Composite Metallic and Dielectric Structures
Wavelet Applications in Engineering Electromagnetics
Grid Computing for Electromagnetics
Parallel Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method
Analytical and Computational Methods in Electromagnetics
FDTD Modeling of Metamaterials: Theory and Applications
Numerical Analysis for Electromagnetic Integral Equations
High Frequency Electromagnetic Dosimetry
Quick Finite Elements for Electromagnetic Waves, Second Edition
Electromagnetic Scattering and Material Characterization
Practical Applications of Asymptotic Techniques in Electromagnetics
Advanced FDTD Methods: Parallelization, Acceleration, and Engineering Applications
Advances in FDTD Computational Electrodynamics: Photonics and Nanotechnology
Advanced Computational Electromagnetic Methods
The Spatial Structure of Electromagnetic Fields
A Practical Guide to EMC Engineering
Polarization in Electromagnetic Systems, Second Edition
Intersystem EMC Analysis, Interference, and Solutions
Signal Processing Fundamentals and Applications for Communications and Sensing Systems
Statistical and Adaptive Signal Processing: Spectral Estimation, Signal Modeling, Adaptive Filtering and Array Processing
Signal Processing in Digital Communications
Phase-Locked Loop Engineering Handbook for Integrated Circuits
A Practical Guide to Error-Control Coding Using MATLAB
Introduction to Direction-of-Arrival Estimation
Understanding Signal Integrity

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