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Electrical Compliance and Safety Engineering, Volume 2

Electrical Compliance and Safety Engineering, Volume 2

Copyright: 2021
Pages: 350
ISBN: 9781630818388
Coming Soon: Available 10/31/2021
List Price: £147.00

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This completely updated second edition of an Artech House classic covers industrial applications and space and biomedical applications of magnetic sensors and magnetometers. With the advancement of smart grids, renewable energy resources, and electric vehicles, the importance of electric current sensors increased, and the book has been updated to reflect these changes. Integrated fluxgate single-chip magnetometers are presented. GMR sensors in the automotive market, especially for end-of-shaft angular sensors, are included, as well as Linear TMR sensors. Vertical Hall sensors and sensors with integrated ferromagnetic concentrators are two competing technologies, which both brought 3-axial single-chip Hall ICs, are considered. Digital fluxgate magnetometers for both satellite and ground-based applications are discussed. All-optical resonant magnetometes, based on the Coherent Population Trapping effect, has reached approval in space, and is covered in this new edition of the book.


Whether you're an expert or new to the field, this unique resource offers you a thorough overview of the principles and design of magnetic sensors and magnetometers, as well as guidance in applying specific devices in the real world. The book covers both multi-channel and gradiometric magnetometer systems, special problems such as cross-talk and crossfield sensitivity, and comparisons between different sensors and magnetometers with respect to various application areas. Miniaturization and the use of new materials in magnetic sensors are also discussed. A comprehensive list of references to journal articles, books, proceedings and webpages helps you find additional information quickly.

Basics; Induction sensors by Ripka; Fluxgate sensors; Ferromagnetic Magneto-Resistive sensors; Hall-Effect Magnetic Sensors; Resonant magnetometers; SQUID by R. Fagaly; Magneto-optical sensors and other principles; Applications magnetic field sensors and magnetometers; Testing and calibration instruments; Magnetic sensors for non-magnetic variables.
  • Steli Loznen

    is currently a quality assurance and certification manager at Israel Testing Laboratories Ltd. He received his M.Sc. in electronics and telecommunication from Polytechnic Institute Bucharest, Romania. He is a recipient of the 2017 - IEC 1906 Award.

  • Constantin Bolintineanu

    is currently an electrical safety engineer at Tyco Safety Products Canada, a Division of Johnson Controls, where he manages the DSC Testing Laboratory. He received his M.S. in electronics engineering from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania, and, he completed a Quality Assurance studies program at Ryerson Polytechnic University of Toronto.

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