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Implementing Full Duplexing for 5G

Implementing Full Duplexing for 5G

By (author): David B. Cruickshank
Copyright: 2020
ISBN: 9781630816957
Coming Soon: Available 06/30/2020
List Price: £138.00

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This book examines the current state of the art in developing full duplex (FD) systems in 5G LTE cellular communications. The book also considers what can be achieved with ferrite-based circulators in terms of size reduction and performance enhancement, especially at millimetric frequencies. The relative merits of ferrite and non-ferrite circulators are compared in terms of their fundamental materials and device technologies, such as isolation, insertion loss, bandwidth and non-linearity. FD in the entire 5G cell is also examined and its resulting range of equipment and device communication. This includes front-hauling, more sophisticated back and front-hauling, backhaul beam switching, and cell extenders and relays, all of which could involve FD.
Full Duplexing; Self Interference; SI reduction-Solutions from Academic Groups; Non-Reciprocal Magnetism Physics; Practical Spatio-Temporal circulation approaches; Limitations of Semiconductor based Circulators; Current Ferrite Circulator Technology; Unbiased Ferrite Devices; Newer Transmission Line Technologies; New Materials and Packaging; Comparison of Ferrite and Semi-conductor based Circulators for Full Duplex; Future Full Duplex 5G Applications
  • David B. Cruickshank David B. Cruickshank is a microwave materials applications consultant with more than 40 years of R&D experience, applications engineering, engineering management and general management at Ferranti Radar and Racal Electronics in the UK, and Skyworks Trans Tech in the US. He earned his degree in physical chemistry from the University of Edinburgh.
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