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Microwave System Design Tools and EW Applications, Second Edition

Microwave System Design Tools and EW Applications, Second Edition

By (author): Peter W. East
Copyright: 2007
Pages: 248
ISBN: 9781596932562

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Previously available only as a CD-ROM, this popular electronic warfare (EW) and microwave design resource has now been transformed and expanded into a practical, fully-integrated book and CD-ROM package. More than ever, in this dynamic second edition, you find a wealth of practical tools and guidance to help you speed up design, evaluation, and specification of EW systems and microwave components. The book covers a broad range of essential topics in the field, from RF analysis, microwave component evaluation, antennas - to amplifers, signal detection, microwave receivers, EW measurement systems, and EW propagation. You gain a solid understanding of the properties and dependencies of microwave component designs and discover how electronic warfare systems perform operationally in the field. The CD-ROM contains a number of independent software applications that parallel and build on the topics presented in the book. Helping to save you time and effort on the job, the disc includes 45 Java graphic applets that serve as intuitive, interactive tools capable of calculating accurate design performance data. The applets initiate with a typical worked example and accept a wide range of easily adjustable input parameters. With the drag of a button, you can quickly examine tolerances and corner limits of a component or system design. Moreover, this convenient software lets you choose system alternatives, so you can compare the performance of different solutions. Final design data can be exported to Windows applications, such as Excel, to quickly create final specifications. System Requirements: IBM-compatible PC with Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, XP, Vista and Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher; 1-GHz processor; 64MB RAM; 10MB of disk space; XGA (1024x800) display resolution.
Introduction. RF Analysis Aids. Microwave Component Evaluation. Antennas. Amplifiers. Signal Detection. Microwave Receivers. EW Measurement Systems. EW Propagation. Appendices. Glossary. About the Author. Index.
  • Peter W. East Peter W. East runs a private consulting practice specializing in microwave and EW (electronic warfare) systems, located in Dorking, Surrey. Previously, he was Technical Director and Company Design Authority at Racal Radar Defence Systems, where he was responsible for managing, engineering, and designing EW and radar systems. A fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, he received his B.Sc. from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London.
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