By (author): Thomas R. Koehler

Copyright: 2005
Pages: 238
ISBN: 9781596930407

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With the emergence of new technologies like Voice over IP and Wireless LANs, the decentralization of enterprises, and the increased mobility of employees in the work force, separate data and voice networks are no longer adequate for today's organizations. The needs of companies, both large and small, require a newly structured, consolidated corporate network. Focusing on infrastructure, this unique resource provides you with practical guidance on reorganizing enterprise networks for maximum efficiency in today's marketplace. You find detailed information on key technologies and services such as VPNs, VoIP, ATM, MPLS, and mobile data services. The book discusses the role of the CIO and the IT department within the organization and offers a thorough understanding of the costs and security issues related to enterprise network development. Helping you strike an optimum balance with your make or buyù decisions, you learn how to determine which main network components to develop in-house and which components to outsource. Moreover, you find advice on finding the right partners for outsourcing based on your organization's specific needs.
Table Of Contents
Changes in Communications - Communication Technology as a Provocation of Changes in Society. Consequences of Change for the Individual. ; Status Quo of Corporate Voice and Data Networks - Voice and Data Networks in the Corporate Environment. Differences Between Segments of Industries. Differences Related to the Size of Companies. Company Subsidiaries as a Special Area of Interest. Need for Consolidation.; Moving the Discussion from Bits and Bytesù to Productivity and Profitù: Challenges for Corporations - The Role of the IT Department and the CIO. Information Technology and Corporate Networks Between Complexity and Commodity. The Changing Role of the CIO.; New Services and Applications - VPNs. VoIP. Rich Media and Unified Synchronization Communications. MPLS. Mobile Data Services. Generation Model of Network Technologies.; Make or Buy - New Answers to an Old Question - Make or Buy. Terms of Outsourcing. Outsourcing of Voice and Data Networks. Financial Implications of Outsourcing. Service Level Management and Service Level Agreements. Selecting the Right Partner.; Communications Resourcing - Concept. Communications Resourcing Components. Service Architecture. Benefits. Communications Resourcing as a Continuing Process. Case Studies. The Corporate Network of the Future.;


  • Thomas R. Koehler Thomas R. Koehler is an Internet entrepreneur and leading expert in enterprise networking. He is a frequent speaker at international congresses and corporate events. He has written books, numerous trade magazine articles, and a television broadcast on Internetworking. He teaches computer science and competitive intelligence at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, Bavaria, Germany.