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5G and Satellite RF and Optical Integration

5G and Satellite RF and Optical Integration

By (author): Geoff Varrall
Copyright: 2022
Pages: 400
ISBN: 9781630819569
List Price: £119.00

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This unique book brings together RF Engineering and Optical Integration in terrestrial fixed and mobile networks, space networks and sub orbital communication systems (Low Altitude Platforms and High-Altitude Platforms). It is written specifically to help optical engineers to understand RF engineering and RF engineers needing to understand the optical technologies used in fixed and mobile networks, including local and long-distance fiber, free space terrestrial optical point to links, earth to space and space to earth links and inter satellite and inter-constellation cross connect. The book shows you how to mix and match RF and optical efficiently and explains how to repurpose terrestrial RF and terrestrial optical for space deployment. You’ll learn how to decide whether to use an RF or optical link; how to calculate an RF and optical link budget; how to interface an optical signal to an RF bearer – and vice versa; how to multiplex RF and optical signals in guided and unguided media; and much more. This is a must-have book for practicing RF engineers, optical engineers, and planners of satcom and terrestrial networks, supply chain partners to 5G/satellite RF/optical integrations needing understanding of problems and solutions. It is also accessible to readers with a market, financial and/or regulatory interest. The book is a follow on to 5G Spectrum and Standards (Artech House_ Varrall_2016) and 5G and Satellite Spectrum, Standards and Scale (Artech House_ Varrall_2018).

Space RF Link Budgets, Optical Inter Satellite Links, Deep Space and Near Space, Ground Station and Earth Station Hardware and Software, Low altitude Platforms, High Altitude Platforms, RF Technology Enablers, Technology Economics of RF and Fibre for terrestrial and space networks
  • Geoff Varrall Geoff Varrall joined RTT an executive director and shareholder to develop RTT's international business as a provider of technology and business services to the wireless industry. Previously he was a director at Cambridge Wireless and has undertaken spectrum and standards consultancy work for a broad cross section of operators and vendors and regulatory and standards agencies in the US, Europe and Asia.
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