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Author Questionnaire

Acquisitions Questionnaire

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We will need the following information to evaluate your book proposal.If there are questions for which you have not yet developed firm answers, give your best estimations. Feel free to submit with this questionnaire any supporting materials which you have developed.

Title: Proposed title of the book:
Authors/Editors: Names of the authors or editors:
Contact Information: Address and phone number of the submitting author or editor:
Email Address: * (REQUIRED)
Please give a synopsis of your book. A Table of Contents should be included as well. If you are a first-time book author, we require a sample chapter (any chapter other than an introduction or conclusion) for evaluation.
When will a draft of the manuscript be completed? When will the final manuscript be done? Feel free to divide these tasks into manageable parts (25% by____, 50% by _____, etc.)



Estimated number of pages (based on 250 words per page, typed double spaced), figures (in camera-ready format), equations, and photographs (black and white glossies) per chapter.

Manuscript preparation:

How will you be developing the manuscript? (What wordprocessor will you use? How will you prepare the mathematics? How will you prepare the camera-ready art?)

Word Processors:

Art Programs:

Can you submit your artwork as .eps (encapsulated postscript) files?
Can you deliver your artwork on disk using CorelDRAW!, Adobe Illustrator, MacDraw, Canvas, Paintbrush, or Micrografx Designer?

Operating Systems:


Electronic Media:

Will you be able to submit manuscript on disk as well as hard copy? We will need laser printer quality copy (at least 600 dpi) for both art and text.

Camera-ready copy:

Are you considering delivering the entire manuscript as camera-ready pages? If so, please be sure to discuss this with your editor.

Related Software:

Will you be developing any software to accompany this project? If so, please provide a brief description of its contents and purpose as well as technical details (format, operating systems, systems requirements, number of disks, etc.).


Describe in their order of importance the audiences who will want to buy your book. Please be as specific as possible: list professional audiences and their job functions, and whether the book can also be used by audiences other than practicing EEs, computer scientists, or technical managers; i.e.; university-level professors, short course instructors, R&D personnel, marketing staff, consultants, etc.

What previous knowledge is the reader assumed to have?

Please describe the relative strengths and weaknesses of competitive or related books. Include author, title, publisher, date, length, price.

Please list several experts in your field who you might recommend as competent reviewers of your work (for pre- and post-publication). They should be individuals who would command the respect of your peers and potential buyers of your work.

Compared to the competition, what is special about your book? What do you see as the three most important selling points of your book?

Will your book be of interest to readers in international markets? If so, please explain why.

Personal Data: Please include a curriculum vitae and a publication list with this questionnaire (or describe your background).

Thank you for your interest in Artech House!