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5G and Satellite Spectrum, Standards, and Scale

5G and Satellite Spectrum, Standards, and Scale

By (author): Geoff Varrall
Copyright: 2018
Pages: 310
ISBN: 9781630815028

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This new resource presents the emerging role of Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), and Geostationary satellites (GSO) as a delivery option for backhaul and wide area rural and urban mobile broadband and fixed access. The book offers insight into recently established Non Terrestrial Network standards. Readers learn which bands will need to be supported in next generation 5G and satellite devices and networks and how the bands will be characterized. Channel spacing, guard bands, FDD or TDD, out of band emission limits, and in band performance requirements are discussed. The book discusses what interference issues will arise from new band allocations including co-shared allocations and how interference will be mitigated in and between next generation terrestrial and satellite 5G networks. Readers learn how modulation choices will affect co-existence issues.


The book discusses the design, performance, cost, and test implications of integrating next generation satellite physical and MAC layers with Release 16 and 17 5G standards and explores how these emerging spectrum and standards map on to IOT and MTC use cases in specific vertical markets. Readers learn how new active and passive antennas in the K bands and V and W band (E band) impact the satellite link budget and satellite delivery cost economics.


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Sixty Years of Satellites; The Race for Space Spectrum; Link Budgets and Latency; Launch Technology Innovation; Satellite Technology Innovation; Antenna Innovation; Constellation Innovation; Production and Manufacturing Innovation; Commercial Innovation; Standards; Mutual Interest Models.

  • Geoff Varrall Geoff Varrall joined RTT an executive director and shareholder to develop RTT's international business as a provider of technology and business services to the wireless industry. Previously he was a director at Cambridge Wireless and has undertaken spectrum and standards consultancy work for a broad cross section of operators and vendors and regulatory and standards agencies in the US, Europe and Asia.


Review by: Rupert Pearce, Inmarsat - January 15, 2018

This book offers an important new perspective, postulating the need for regulators, standards-setting bodies and market participants to come together to support the inclusion of space-based capabilities into the 5G firmament - indeed as an essential driver of the future success of 5G networks globally. I commend this important work to readers.

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