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A-GPS: Assisted GPS, GNSS, and SBAS

A-GPS: Assisted GPS, GNSS, and SBAS

By (author): Frank Van Diggelen
Copyright: 2009
Pages: 350
ISBN: 9781596933743

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Assisted GPS (A-GPS) has been developed to provide greatly improved capabilities, helping GPS work better and faster in almost any location. Offering a detailed look at all the technical aspects and underpinnings of A-GPS, this unique book places emphasis on practical implementation. The book reviews standard GPS design, helping you understand why GPS requires assistance in the first place. You discover how A-GPS enables the computing of a position from navigation satellites in the absence of precise time - a topic not covered in any other book. Moreover, you learn how to design and analyze a high sensitivity GPS receiver and determine the achievable sensitivity. The book provides detailed worksheets that show how to compute, analyze, and improve the processing gain from the input signal at the antenna to the signal after the correlators. These worksheets are used in the book to generate families of curves that completely characterize receiver sensitivity, parameterized in terms of front end noise figure, coherent and noncoherent integration times. From this work a law of achievable sensitivity is derived and explained in the book. This cutting-edge volume discusses special forms of assistance data, industry standards for A-GPS, and government mandates for location of mobile phones. You also find coverage of future global navigation satellite systems and how they can be designed specifically for instant-fixes and high sensitivity. The book features numerous tables, worksheets, and graphs that illustrate key topics and provide the equivalent of a technical handbook for engineers who design or use A-GPS.
Introduction - A-GPS Overview. Book Structure. Civilian Signals. Theoretical and Practical Approach. Terminology: A-GPS, A-GNSS. For Whom Is This Book Intended? What 's New? ; Standard GPS Review - Overview: How GPS Was Designed to Work. GPS Signal Power. Satellite Orbits. Satellite Clocks. Ephemeris. GPS Signals. Basic GPS Receiver Functions. ; Assistance, the Aù in A-GPS - Acquisition and Assistance Overview. Frequency and Code-Delay Search Space. Frequency/Code-Delay Search with Standard GPS. Tracking, Reacquisition, and Assistance. MS-Assisted and MS-Based GPS. A-GPS Frequency Assistance. A-GPS Time Assistance for Code Delay. Typical Acquisition Scheme, Assisted Cold Start. ; Coarse-Time Navigation: Instant GPS - Overview. Navigation, Algebraic Description. Navigation Equations with Coarse Time. Millisecond Integers and Common Bias. Further Navigation Details. ; Coarse-Time Dilution of Precision - OverviewHorizontal Dilution of Precision, Accuracy, and 3GPP Standards. Extra-State Theorem. Coarse-Time HDOP Examples. ; High Sensitivity: Indoor GPS - Overview. Standard GPS Receiver Architecture. Front-End Analysis. Correlation and Coherent Integration. High-Sensitivity Receiver Architecture. Longer Coherent Integration Times. I,Q Squaring and Noncoherent Integration. High-Sensitivity SNR Worksheet. Other Sensitivity Considerations. High Sensitivity Summary. ; Generating Assistance Data - Overview. Reference Stations. Worldwide Reference Network. Initial Position in Assistance Data. Handset-Generated, Peer-to-Peer Assistance. ; Ephemeris Extension, Long-Term Orbits - Overview: Assistance When There Is No Assistance. Generating Ephemeris Extensions. Enhanced Autonomous Using Ephemeris Extensions in Place of Full A-GPS Assistance. Integrity MonitoringDealing with Changes in Orbits and Clocks. ; Industry Standards and Government Mandates - Overview. 3GPP Location Standards. 3GPP2. OMA-SUPL. Minimum Operational Performance for A-GPS Handsets. Measurement Engine-Position Engine (ME-PE). Government Mandates. ; Future A-GNSS - Overview. Serendipity and Intelligent Design in the Original GPS. Future A-GNSS Features for TTFF, Sensitivity, and Accuracy.; Appendices. About the Author. Index ;
  • Frank Van Diggelen Frank van Diggelen is the technical director, GPS systems and the chief navigation officer at Broadcom Corporation. Dr. van Diggelen is also a technical advisor of assisted GPS for NavtechGPS. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Cambridge University, England.
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