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Applications of Energy Harvesting Technologies in Buildings

Applications of Energy Harvesting Technologies in Buildings

By author: Joseph W. Matiko   By (author): Stephen Beeby
Copyright: 2017
Pages: 230
ISBN: 9781630814106

eBook £88.00

This timely new resource explores the available energy sources within commercial and residential buildings and the available technologies for energy harvesting. Energy harvesting within built environments is presented using strong research and commercial examples. This book includes clear and concise case studies on solar cell powered sensor nodes for emotion monitoring systems in ambient assistive living environments and inductive/RF power transfers. Thermoelectric energy harvesting and power management circuit design, airflow and vibration energy harvesting is also explored. The book concludes with a look at the future of energy harvesting in buildings.

Energy Harvesting in Built Environment; Case Study: Solar cell powered sensor node for an emotion monitoring system in Ambient Assistive Living Environment; Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting and Power Management Circuits Design; Inductive/RF Power Transfer and Case Study; Airflow Energy Harvesting; Vibration Energy Harvesting; The Future of Energy Harvesting in Buildings.

  • Stephen Beeby Steven Beeby is an advanced research fellow at the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton. He also the co-author of MEMS Mechanical Sensors (Artech House, 2004) and numerous journal articles and conference papers. He holds an Eng. (Hons) degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Portsmouth, U.K. and a Ph.D. in mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton.
  • Joseph W. Matiko Joseph W. Matiko is an assistant lecturer in the department of Electronics and Telecommunication, Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Southampton, United Kingdom and his BEng degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering from the Dar es Salaam Technology, Tanzania.


Review by: Umberto Berardi, Ryerson University - March 31, 2017

This new book edited by Joseph Matiko and Steve Beeby, represents the right book at the right time. The Renewable Energy Technology sector is heaviliy working on new storage systems to use in buildings, while building designers need to familiarize and learn how to introduce storage systems in buildings. Topics such as Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting or Power Management are extensively investigated in this book. This book will be a fundamental resource in the decade to come.

Review by: Alex Mason, Liverpool John Moores University - March 31, 2017

Overall my impression is that the book presents a systematic review of current technology which can have applications for energy harvesting in buildings. Given the increased emphasis on Smart Buildings (and Smart Cities), energy is a challenge yet to be truly addressed when it comes to ubiquitous sensors and systems, and thus the book is timely in its nature. The structure is logical, the writing style is clear and concise, and in most cases it seems accessible for relative new-comers to the topic. It would make an excellent supporting material for a University programme within an electronic engineering discipline for example, as well as doctoral/post-doctoral researchers.

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