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Automatic Detection and Radar Data Processing

Automatic Detection and Radar Data Processing

By (author): D. Curtis Schleher
Copyright: 1980
Pages: 656
ISBN: 9780890060889

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Designed to complement his authoritative volume on moving target indicator (MTI) radars, Dr. Schleher's Automatic Detection and Radar Data Processing is the most comprehensive text ever published on stationary target indication (STI) radars. In this book which surveys the use of non-MTI methods to detect targets in clutter, Schleher has assembled 49 important papers on topics which include CFAR processing, nonparametric and non-linear detection, scanning radar detectors, detection in non-Gaussian clutter, antenna processing techniques and track-while-scan systems.
Introduction. Adaptive Threshold CFAR Processors. Nonparametric CFAR Processors. Nonlinear Receivers. Scanning Radar Detectors. Detection in Non-Gaussian Clutter. Radar Track-While-Scan Systems. Outline of Detection Theory. Outline of Estimation Theory. Glossary of Detection and Data Procesing Terms. Bibliography.
  • D. Curtis Schleher D. Curtis Schleher served as a professor emeritus at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey, California. He is the author of several classic books, including Electronic Warfare in the Information Age and MTI and Pulsed Doppler Radar (Artech House, 1999, 1991). Dr. Schleher holds an M.S. from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and a Ph.D. from Polytechnic University.
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