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Behavioral Modeling & Linearization of RF Power Amplifiers

Behavioral Modeling & Linearization of RF Power Amplifiers

By (author): John Wood
Copyright: 2014
Pages: 378
ISBN: 9781608071203

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Wireless voice and data communications have made great improvements, with connectivity now virtually ubiquitous. Users are demanding essentially perfect transmission and reception of voice and data. The infrastructure that supports this wide connectivity and nearly error-free delivery of information is complex, costly, and continually being improved. This resource describes the mathematical methods and practical implementations of linearization techniques for RF power amplifiers for mobile communications. This includes a review of RF power amplifier design for high efficiency operation. Readers are also provided with mathematical approaches to modeling nonlinear dynamical systems, which can be applied in the context of modeling the PA for identification in a pre-distortion system. This book also describes typical approaches to linearization and digital pre-distortion that are used in practice.
Preface.; Introduction - A Brief History of Mobile Wireless Communications. RF Power Amplifiers: Linearity and Efficiency. Linearization Techniques for RF PAs. Behavioral Modeling. Concluding Remarks and Bibliography.; Models, Modeling, and Simulation - A Perspective. The Model. Modeling. Simulation. Concluding Remarks.; Linear Systems and Identification - A Review of Linear System Properties. Discrete Time Representation. General Transfer Function Models. Model Building. System Identification.; Modeling PA Nonlinearities - Gain Compression in the PA. Phase Characteristic: AM-to-PM Behavior. Two-Tone Analysis. Summary Remarks.; Memory Effects -Introduction. Matching Networks. Charge Storage in the Transistor. Thermal Effects. Trapping of Charge. Bias and Supply Lines. Including Memory Effects in the Nonlinear Model. ; Nonlinear Dynamical Models -Introduction to Volterra Series. Some Examples of Volterra Models for Power Amplifiers. Advanced Volterra Series Models. Narrowband Approximation: Baseband Volterra Models. Techniques for Building Volterra Models of Power Amplifiers. Non-Volterra Models. ; Digital Pre-Distortion -Introduction to Pre-Distortion. The Digital Pre-Distortion System. Adaptive Digital Pre-Distortion. DPD System Implementation Details. Advanced Topics in DPD. ; Crest Factor Reduction of Digital Communication Signals -Introduction. Background. CFR Approaches. Advanced Topics in CFR. Concluding Comments.; RF Pre-Distortion -Introduction. Fundamentals of RF Pre-Distortion. RFPD Architecture. Technical Challenges and Analog Limitations. Keeping Things under Control. Measurement Results. Conclusion. ; Frequency Domain Models - Frequency Domain Nonlinear Models. Concluding Remarks.; References. About the Authors. Index. ;
  • John Wood

    is senior principal member of technical staff in the RF Solutions Division at Maxim Integrated, Inc., San Jose, CA. He earned his Ph.D. in electrical and electronic engineering from the University of Leeds, U.K.. Dr. Wood has been a member of the Continuing Education Institute-Europe Faculty since 2009

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