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Biomicrofabrication and Biomicrofluidics

Biomicrofabrication and Biomicrofluidics

By (author): Jeffrey D. Zahn
Copyright: 2009
Pages: 380
ISBN: 9781596934016

eBook £84.00
Written and edited by recognized experts in the field, the new Artech House Methods in Bioengineering series offers detailed guidance on authoritative methods for addressing specific bioengineering challenges. Offering a highly practical presentation of each topic, each book provides research engineers, scientists, and students with step-by-step procedures, clear examples, and effective ways to overcome problems that may be encountered. Microfluidics promises to transform the field of medicine by dramatically changing the ways in which diagnostics and clinical research are conducted in hospitals and laboratories. This unique volume presents leading-edge microfluidics methods used to handle, manipulate, and analyze cells, particles, and biological components (e.g., proteins and DNA) for microdiagnostics. The authors offer clear and detailed guidance on: Microfabrication techniques utilized to create microfluidic devices and on-chip flow control and mixing Microsystems; Protein and DNA handling devices for electrophoretic and isoelectric separations in microchromatography columns; Microfluidic manipulations of droplets via electrowetting and particles via dielectrophoresis for separations and chemical reactions; Integrated optical characterization of microfluidic devices; Controlling chemical gradients within devices; Microimmunoassay diagnostics; Multiphase microfluidics used in droplet formation for controlled chemical reactions; Particle separation and analysis in Micro-FACS systems; Flow characterization techniques in microfluidic devices; Patterning and utilizing cytoskeletal filaments and cellular transport protein within microstrucutres.
Microfabrication Techniques for Microfluidic Devices -Introduction to microsystems and microfluidic devices. Microfluidic systems: fabrication techniques. Transfer processes. Additive processes. Subtractive techniques. Bonding processes. Sacrificial layer techniques. Packaging processes. Materials for microfluidic and bio-MEMS applications. Troubleshooting table. Summary. ; Micropumping and Microvalving -Introduction. Actuators for micropumps and microvalves. Micropumps. Microvalves. Outlook. Troubleshooting. Summary points. ; Micromixing Within Microfluidic Devices -Introduction. Materials. Experimental design and methods. Data acquisition, anticipated results, and interpretation. Discussion and commentary. Troubleshooting. Application notes. Summary points. ; On-Chip Electrophoresis and Isoelectric Focusing Methods for Quantitative Biology -Introduction. Materials. Methods. Discussion of pitfalls. Summary notes.; Electrowetting -Introduction. Digital microfluidic lab-on-a-chip design. Materials. Device Fabrication. Instrumentation and system assembly. Methods. Results and discussion. Method challenges. Summary points. ; Dielectrophoresis for Particle and Cell Manipulations -Introduction: physical origins of DEP.Introduction: theory of dielectrophoresis. Materials: equipment for generating electric field nonuniformities and DEP forces. Methods: data acquisition, anticipated results, and interpretation. Troubleshooting. Application notes. ; Optical Microfluidics for Molecular Diagnostics -Introduction. Integrated optical systems. Nanoengineered optical probes. Conclusions. Summary. ; Neutrophil Chemotaxis Assay from Whole Blood Samples -Introduction. Device design. Materials. Methods. Data acquisition. Troubleshooting tips. ; Microfluidic Immunoassays -Introduction. Materials. Methods. Data acquisition and results. Discussion. ; Droplet Based Microfluidics by Shear-Driven Microemulsions -Introduction. Biomedical applications of droplet microfluidics. Materials. Methods. Data acquisition. Discussion and commentary. ; MicroFACS System -Introduction. Materials. Methods. Results. Discussion of pitfalls. Statistical analysis. Application notes. Summary points. ; Optical Flow CharacterizationMicroparticle Image Velocimetry (μPIV) -Introduction. Materials and methods. Measurement procedures. Discussion and commentary. Summary points. Application notes. Future developments.; Microtubule Motors in Microfluidics -Introduction. Materials. Methods. Results. Discussion of pitfalls.; About the Editor. List of Contributors. Index;
  • Jeffrey D. Zahn Jeffrey D. Zahn is an assistant professor of biomedical engineering at Rutgers University in Piscataway, NJ. He received his Ph.D. in bioengineering from the University of California at San Francisco and Berkeley.
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