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Broadband: Business Services, Technologies, and Strategic Impact

Broadband: Business Services, Technologies, and Strategic Impact

By (author): David Wright
Copyright: 1993
Pages: 498
ISBN: 9780890065891

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Broadband technology is ushering the telecom industry through a unique period of change with profound business implications for suppliers and users. This single source describes the four major broadband technologies that are shaping telecommunications networks: frame relay, optical fiber (including SONET), distributed queue dual bus (DQDB), and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM).
Frame Relay. Fiber Optic Communications and SONET. The DQDB Metropolitan Area Network. Asynchronous Transfer Mode and Broadband ISDN. Switched Multimegabit Data Service, (SMDS). Business Services. Service Descriptions. Multimedia. Strategic Impact of Corporate Telecommunications Systems. The Insurance Industry. The Publishing Industry. Health Care.
  • David Wright
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