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CMOS RFIC Design Principles

CMOS RFIC Design Principles

By (author): Robert H. Caverly
Copyright: 2007
Pages: 456
ISBN: 9781596931336

eBook £100.00
Turn to this practical resource for comprehensive, expert guidance on designing CMOS RF integrated circuits. You get complete design details on elemental and advanced CMOS RF circuits, from low noise amplifiers, general gain amplifiers, mixers, and oscillators, to voltage controlled oscillators, phase lock loops, frequency synthesizers, and power amplifier architectures. The book discusses ideal circuit topologies and then looks at non-ideal CMOS circuit elements to provide insight into circuit modifications needed to achieve design specifications. You also find a review of RF system fundamentals and definitions of terms widely used in the field. This accessible reference includes numerous examples that clearly illustrate and support important topics throughout the book. Supplementary Material: Visit for Robert Caverly's web page.
Introduction. CMOS Integrated Circuit Fundamentals. The Passives. Small-Signal MOS Amplifiers for RF. CMOS Oscillator Circuits. CMOS Mixer Circuits. CMOS PLLs and Frequency Synthesizers. CMOS Power Amplifiers. Appendices. Index.;
  • Robert H. Caverly Robert H. Caverly is a professor at Villanova University in the department of electrical and computer engineering. Previously, he was affiliated with the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University.
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