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Client/Server Computing: Architecture Applications and Distributed Systems Manag

Client/Server Computing: Architecture Applications and Distributed Systems Manag

By (author)s: Bruce Elbert, Bobby Martyna
Copyright: 1994
Pages: 352
ISBN: 9780890066911

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This text explains how products and services from a wide variety of suppliers can be integrated to produce a distributed computing system. It shows how organizations can build sophisticated data communication networks that are integrated with widespread data processing resources. The text addresses a balanced field of hardware (transmission, switching, computing equipment) and software (architecture, protocols, operating systems and middleware), and shows why software is the vital ingredient to produce interoperability in a world of incompatible systems and services.
Strategic Applications in Distributed Computing. Data Network Architectures. Building the Client-Server Architecture. Development of Client-Server Applications. Network Technology for Distributed Computing. Middleware and the Application Programming Interface. Industry-Supported Environments. Open Networking Standards (TCP/IP and OSI). Distributed Systems Management. Groupware - Integrating People with Distributed Systems. Future Directions.
  • Bruce Elbert Bruce Elbert is president of Application Technology Strategy, L.L.C., and was formerly senior vice president of applications systems development at Hughes Space and Communications. Bruce is a series editor for Artech House. He holds an MSEE in communications engineering and computer science from the University of Maryland and a BSEE from the City College of New York.
  • Bobby Martyna
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