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Communication Satellites: Power Politics in Space

Communication Satellites: Power Politics in Space

By (author): Larry Martinez
Copyright: 1985
Pages: 204
ISBN: 9780890061671

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How is the growing field of satellite communications technology creating a new global political and power structure? Communication Satellites: Power Politics in Space gives you the most up-to-date analysis of the growth of telecommunications technology, and its impact on global power. You'll get a thorough understanding of why developing countries are fighting for access to the geostationary orbit, and what roadblocks could prevent equitable global access to this important technology. Whether you're an international policy expert needing a guide to outer space technology, or a satellite technician needing information on global politics, Communication Satellites is an indispensable resource. Concise and straight forward, Communication Satellites provides you with in-depth analysis of the current state of satellite technology, and the distribution of that technology among nations. You'll gain valuable insight into what political, legal, and economic factors shape, encourage and suppress the further distribution of that technology. Communication Satellites illustrates for you how satellite technology has rapidly become a major factor in measuring national power and wealth. Communication Satellites features detailed discussions of: the technical and economic aspects of the radio frequency spectrum and geostationary orbit, and why each is filling up and reaching capacity; national telecommunications interests of developing third world countries; the debate over access and squatter's right to the geostationary orbit and radio frequency spectrum resources; the legal and technical aspects of the current International Outer Space Treaty; present provisions for allocating space in and management of the geostationary orbit; the hidden agenda - exploring the impact of the militarization of space.
Modulation and Coding. Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum Systems. Frequency Hopping. Interception. Adaptive Antenna Systems. Cryptographic Communications.
  • Larry Martinez
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