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Component Reliability for Electronic Systems

Component Reliability for Electronic Systems

Copyright: 2009
Pages: 694
ISBN: 9781596934368

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The main reason for the premature breakdown of today's electronic products (computers, cars, tools, appliances, etc.) is the failure of the components used to build these products. To help ensure longer-lasting, more technically sound products and systems, a solid understanding of effective ways to minimize the degradation is essential. This practical book offers you specific guidance on how to design more reliable components and build more reliable electronic systems. You learn how to optimize a virtual component prototype, accurately monitor product reliability during the entire production process, and add the burn-in and selection procedures that are the most appropriate for your applications. Moreover, the book helps you ensure that all components are correctly applied, margins are adequate, wear-out failure modes are prevented during the expected duration of life, and system interfaces cannot lead to failure.
Introduction. Part I: Reliability - Reliability Building. Reliability Assessment. Package and Reliability. Failure Analysis. Test and Testability. Part II: Reliability of Electronic Components - Reliability of Passive Electronic Parts. Reliability of Diodes. Reliability of Silicon Power Transistors. Reliability of Optoelectronic Components. Reliability of Thyristors and Triacs. Reliability of Monolithic Integrated Circuits. Reliability of Memories and Microprocessors. Reliability of Hybrid Integrated Circuits. Reliability of Micro- and Nano-Systems. List of Abbreviations. Glossary Biographies of Authors. Index.
  • Titu-Marius I. Bajenescu Titu-Marius I. Bajenescu is an industry consultant at C.F.C. He holds an M.S. in electronics and telecommunications from the Polytechnica University, Bucharest, Romania.
  • Marius I. Bazu Marius I. Bazu is a senior scientific researcher at the National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnology, IMT-Bucharest, Romania. He holds a M.S. and Ph.D. in electronics and telecommunications from the Polytechnica University, Bucharest, Romania.
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