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Control Engineering in Development Projects

Control Engineering in Development Projects

By (author): Olis Rubin
Copyright: 2016
Pages: 280
ISBN: 9781630810030

eBook £114.00
This practical new guide to designing control systems gives readers a virtual experience├╣ into the complex engineering problems that may occur during the design and development process. This book gives engineers guidance in their journey to obtain a greater understanding of the thought processes involved in designing and developing successful control systems for radar, flight control, and several other applications. This constructive new resource takes engineers through various phases of project development. Clear examples and case studies are presented throughout demonstrating various management styles. Readers discover a variety of challenges that could occur during actual projects. This book represents a unique contribution to the technical literature on control system design by illustrating principles in the language of control engineering with copious figures. It presents methodical procedures for setting up simulation models used for integrating controls systems with hardware in order to reduce errors.
A Motor Drive Project- Technology Programs, The Project Definition Phase, The Design Phase; The Implementation Phase Flight Control- Aerodynamic Concepts; Flight Control Technology Studies; Nuclear Reactors- Nuclear Power Plants; Reactor Control Project; Additional Material- Postscript; Appendix A. Design Tools and Calculations; Appendix B. Controller Design
  • Olis Rubin Olis Rubin received his DSc. Eng., MSAIAe.E, Pr. Eng, and MSAIEE Ex. from Pretoria University, Pretoria, South Africa. He has held many positions in control engineering throughout his career including at Denel, PBMR, ContrOlis, Dentron, and CSIR. He was also an honorary post graduate professor in Control Systems at the University of Pretoria.
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