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Cost-Driven Design of Smart Microsystems

Cost-Driven Design of Smart Microsystems

By (author): Michael Niedermayer
Copyright: 2011
Pages: 230
ISBN: 9781608070848

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Today's professionals are constantly striving to create sensor technology and systems with lower cost and higher efficiency. Miniaturization and standardization have become critical drivers for cost reduction in the design and development process, giving rise to a new era of smart sensors and actuators. These devices contain more components, but normally provide significant cost savings due to wider applicability and mass production. This first-of-its-kind resource presents methods for cost optimization of smart microsystems to help you select highly cost-efficient implementation variants. Written by leading experts, the book offers detailed coverage of the key topics that you need to understand for your work in the field, such as methods for cost estimation, holistic design optimization, a methodology for a cost-driven design, and applied cost optimization. This practical book focuses on fundamental cost influences rather than absolute numbers, helping you appreciate relative values which reflect the competitive advantage of the various design implementations. Moreover, you find specific recommendations on which cost-reduction methods will be most advantageous in varying situations. This forward-looking volume provides keen insight into the underlying factors which drive the current economics and determine future trends of smart microsystems.
Introduction; Design Methodologies - Design Strategies. Design of Embedded Systems. Design of Electronic Components and Microsystems. Design of Modules with Heterogeneous Components. Design of Communication Protocols. Design Models for Smart Microsystems.; Fabrication Processes - Semiconductor Technologies. Module Integration Technologies. Process Modeling.; Physical Design Decisions - Basic Elements of Module Integration. Placement and Routing. Determination of the Miniaturization Potential.; Structural Design Trade-Offs - Data Processing. Ambient Interface. Power Supply. Communication Interface. ; Modeling and Simulation of System Architectures.; Leverage Effects of the Functional Design - Properties of the Surrounding Medium. Radio Communications. ; Distributed Data Acquisition. Determination of Functional Optimization Potential. Cost Fundamentals. Basic Cost Categories. Approaches of Cost Estimation. Direct Component Costs. Indirect Costs of Product Development.; Cost Reduction Strategies - Model-Based Cost Optimization. Smart Microsystems with Tailored Architectures.; Smart Microsystems with Universal Architectures. Smart Microsystems with Modular Architectures.; Application Examples - Smart Microsystems for Tracking Transport Goods. Smart Microsystems for Condition Monitoring. ; Acronyms and Abbreviations. About the Author. Index.;
  • Michael Niedermayer Michael Niedermayer is the head of the Technology-Oriented Design Methods research group in the Department of System Design and Integration at the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration. He holds Ph.D. degrees in both electrical engineering and economics from the Technical University of Berlin.
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