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Countermeasures for Aerial Drones

Countermeasures for Aerial Drones

Copyright: 2020
Pages: 350
ISBN: 9781630818012

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This comprehensive resource explains the development of UAVs, drone threats, counter-UAV systems, and strategies to handle UAVs, focusing on the practical aspects of counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems and technologies.Theory, technical and operational practice with insights from industry and policing are covered, and the full rogue drone threat landscape and counter-drone technologies and systems is explored.


The book provides insight into counter-drone strategy, developing effective counter-drone strategies and measures, as well as counter-drone programs and the regulatory frameworks governing the use of drones. It includes analysis of future drone and counter-drone challenges and highlights ongoing research and innovation activities and an examination of future drone technologies. Written by authors who have extensive academic, research, innovation, technical, industry and police operational investigative expertise at international level, this book is useful for the aviation sector, law enforcement and academia.

Part 1: Threat from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Game of drones – Assessing the threat and risk of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; Public nuisance – The reckless use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; Political protest – Rogue drone incursions and public disorder; Hostile reconnaissance – The threat from rogue drone surveillance; Payload – Adaption of drones for organized crime; International security – The terrorist threat from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; Part 2: The Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology: Understanding drone technologies; Navigation and flight control; Payloads and sensors; Classification of UAVs; Part 3: Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology and System: The concept of Counter UAV; UAV detection radars; RF detection system; Optical detection system; Counter Measures; Part 4: Strategies to Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: A strategic approach – Countering rogue drone incursions; The Rule of law – Regulatory frameworks for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; Counter-drone training – The detection, evaluation, neutralisation and investigation of rogue drone incursions; Part 5: Future Challenges: Innovation – Bringing counter-drone research to operational reality; From threat to threat – Advancements in drone technology; Conclusions; References.

  • Garik Markarian

    is chair and head of the Department of Communications Systems at Lancaster University. He is one of the world's leading scientists specializing in the area of wireless broadband communications. He co-authored over 200 publications, including numerous journal articles and four books.

  • Andrew Staniforth

    is director of innovation at Saher (Europe) Ltd. He has held academic positions at leading UK research institutes and is the author, co-author, editor and co-editor of 12 books, and 18 chapters in books.

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