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Customer -Centered Telecommunications Services Marketing

Customer -Centered Telecommunications Services Marketing

By (author): Karen G. Strouse
Copyright: 2004
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9781580538558

eBook £68.00
In today's telecommunications services industry, rapidly changing technologies and a decline in growth are creating intense competition where the customers' quest for value is of paramount importance. Offering you a survival strategy based on customer-centered marketing, this forward-looking resource helps you assess your company's market potential and target desirable segments successfully. You gain practical insight in evaluating your present customer base and learn the best ways to adjust your marketing strategies to eliminate unprofitable customers and attract high-value replacements. Moreover, the book helps you become attuned to customer demand and present a service portfolio with a high potential for success. This practical volume features numerous examples of successful strategies in the telecommunications market, offering you invaluable competitive intelligence and direction. With an emphasis on enabling technologies, the book helps you achieve improved marketing planning and budgeting. From market research, market segmentation and pricing, to customer loyalty, branding and new technology, the book covers the essential areas you need to understand to be successful in today's increasingly competitive telecom marketplace.
Part 1: The Customer-Centered Marketing Strategy ; The State of the Telecommunications Industry - The Need for Customer-Driven Telecommunications Marketing. The State of the Telecommunications Marketplace. The Customer and the Distribution Channel. The Customer and the Decision-Maker. Customers and the Regulatory Environment. Customers and Technology.; The Nature of Telecommunications Competition - Market Structure. Marketing Telecommunications Services as a Commodity. Differentiating Telecommunications Services. Emerging Marketing Opportunities and Strategies of Industry Leaders.; The Marketing Plan for a Customer-Centered Telecommunications Enterprise - The Marketing Planning Process. Directing the Marketing Plan to the Customer. Differentiation Strategies.; Market Research ë Data Mining and Customer Profiling. Primary and Secondary Market Research. Yield Management.; Part 2: Market Management ; Customer Demand - Capital-Intensive Industry Demand. Technology Industry Demand. Price Elasticity and the Demand Curve. Forecasting Demand. ; Competitive Intelligence - Developing Competitive Intelligence. Finding Strategic Competitors Before the Customer Does. Perceptual Mapping. Competitive Parity.; Channel Management - Traditional Distribution Channels. Evolving Routes to Market. Cross-Channel Strategies. Partner Relationship Management Systems. E-Business Channel Management. Strategic Alliances. Scoping the Channel as a Customer-Centered Strategy.; Stakeholder Management - The Importance of Stakeholders. Customers as Stakeholders Throughout Changing Regulations. Issues Management. Crisis Management. ; Part 3: Customer Management ; Market Segmentation - Markets and Submarkets. Statistical Segmentation Using Cluster Analysis. Market Coverage Strategies. Customer Lifetime Value Management. Making the Most of Undesirable Markets.; Pricing - Avoiding Commodity Pricing. Pricing Strategies. Promotional Pricing. Bundling. Price Discrimination. Pricing for Competitive Parity.; Customer Loyalty, Retention and Churn - Predicting and Limiting Churn. Strategies for Maintaining Loyalty. Limiting the Costs of Churn. Benefiting from Churn.; The Customer Relationship Management Process - Customer Relationship Management Systems. Using Billing Systems to Enhance Customer Relationships. Customer Self-Service. One-to-One Marketing.; Part 4: Service Management ; Branding - The Importance of the Brand. Brand Equity. Product Positioning. Branding Commodities. Protecting the Brand.; Marketing-Based Innovation - Distributed Innovation. Marketing Disruptive Technologies. Maintaining an Innovative Organization. Case StudyëNTT DoCoMo 's i-Mode.; Customer-Centered Technology Marketing - The Uniqueness of Technology Services Marketing. Revisiting the Diffusion of Innovation Curve. Technology Marketing Tools.;
  • Karen G. Strouse Karen Strouse is the owner of Management Solutions, a telecommunications consulting firm. She previously served as director of strategic planning for the Bell Atlantic Corporation and consulting manager for Deloitte and Touche. She holds an M.A. in communications from Temple University, and an M.B.A. from St. Joseph University. She is also the author of Strategies for Success in the New Telecommunications Marketplace and Marketing Telecommunications Services: New Approaches for a Changing Environment (Artech House, 2001, 1999).
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