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Design and Analysis of Modern Tracking Systems

Design and Analysis of Modern Tracking Systems

Copyright: 1999
Pages: 1232
ISBN: 9781580530064

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Here's a thorough overview of the state-of-the-art in design and implementation of advanced tracking for single and multiple sensor systems. This practical resource provides modern system designers and analysts with in-depth evaluations of sensor management, kinematic and attribute data processing, data association, situation assessment, and modern tracking and data fusion methods as applied in both military and non-military arenas. Whether you desire background information to get you up-to-speed or if you want to access only the most recently developed advanced methods, the book's modular chapter structure makes its easy for you to get the specific information you 're looking for quickly. You get full coverage of tracking topics such as: Passive ranging and interactive multiple model (IMM) filtering; Multiple hypothesis tracking (MHT) data association; Bayesian and Dempster-Shafer attribute fusion; Multiple sensor tracking methods for distributed systems such as for space based surveillance systems; Use of tracking data for situation assessment and sensor management; Track fusion and track-before-detect (TBD) methods; Efficient allocation of agile beam radar resources. You also learn how to interpret and optimize tracker data, and solve the problems associated with algorithm choice and design. This authoritative resource includes detailed examples dealing with real world issues, over 380 illustrations, and more than 800 equations.
The Basics of Target Tracking. Sensor and Source Characteristics. Kinematic State Estimation: Filtering and Prediction. Modelling and Tracking Dynamic Targets. Passive Sensor Tracking. Basic Methods for Data Association. Advanced Methods for MTT Data Association. Attribute Data Fusion. Multiple Sensor Tracking - Issues and Methods. Multiple Sensor Tracking - System Implementation and Applications. Reasoning Schemes for Situation Assessment and Sensor Management. Situation Assessment. Tracking System Performance Prediction, and Evaluation. Multi Target Tracking with an Agile Beam Radar. Sensor Management. Multiple Hypothesis Tracking System Design and Application. Detection and Tracking of Dim Targets in Clutter.
  • Samuel S. Blackman Samuel S. Blackman has over 35 years experience working in tracking system design.
  • Robert F. Popoli Robert F. Popoli is a teacher and has fifteen years industry experience.
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