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Design and Measurement of Antennas and Propagation in Mobile Cellular Systems

Design and Measurement of Antennas and Propagation in Mobile Cellular Systems

By (author): Hiroyuki Arai
Copyright: 2022
Pages: 420
ISBN: 9781630818906

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This book presents a practical design method for cellular systems, focusing on antenna design and propagation in different scenarios, with particular emphasis on base station (BS) and mobile terminals. Written by an expert in antenna measurement for mobile systems, the book fully details the fundamentals of and design considerations for both antennas and propagation, which is not commonly found together in one resource.


The book helps you understand the practical design procedures of mobile communication antenna systems based on the propagation estimation by measurements and simulation. You will learn all the required knowledge and background for the research and development of current and future systems, and a host of other essential considerations and conditions pertaining to antenna and propagation.


This is an excellent book for engineers working for cellar system operators, engineers working for manufacturing companies of smart phones and base station systems, and graduate students majoring antennas and propagation.

Basic Theory of Antennas, Basic theory of EM Wave Propagation, Fundamentals of Antennas and Propagation Measurement, Antenna Element and Array, Design of Base Station Antennas, Design of Mobile Terminal Antennas, Measurement of Base Station and Mobile Terminal Antennas, Propagation Estimation and Emulation of Fading, Antenna and Channel Capacity, Propagation Measurements, and Antenna and Propagation Challenges in Future Mobile Communication Systems.
  • Hiroyuki Arai Hiroyuki Arai is a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Yokohama National University. Dr. Arai serves as an associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation. He is the author of five books, over 130 journal papers, and more than 1,000 conference papers. He holds a B.E. in electrical and electronic engineering and an M.E. and D.E. in physical electronics, all from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
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