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Dielectric Antennas

Dielectric Antennas

Copyright: 1998
Pages: 264
ISBN: 9780890069110

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The role of dielectric antennas in advanced wireless telecom systems design is becoming more and more important, particularly due to the increasing use of higher radiowave frequencies. This unique new reference helps you strengthen your understanding of the underlying principles, design criteria and procedures, and radiation mechanisms associated with the various types of dielectric antennas in use today. This rigorous and authoritative work provides the information you need to produce favorable radiation patterns from low-cost, easy-to-manufacture solid dielectric pyramidal and conical horns. You also learn a procedure for designing phase and amplitude corrective lenses including 3D amplitude shaping single-surface lenses, using both geometrical and physical optics. Detailed examples, more than 100 illustrations, and 400 equations add to the book's value for engineers, researchers, and postgraduate students in microwave and millimeter-wave antennas.
Introduction. Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Waves. Dielectric Waveguide. Dielectric Sectoral and Pyramidal Horns. Dielectric Cylinder. Dielectric Cone. Dielectric Lenses.
  • Carlos Fernandes
  • Rama Kant Jha
  • Carlos Salema
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