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EMI Protection for Communication Systems

EMI Protection for Communication Systems

By (author): Kresimir Malaric
Copyright: 2009
Pages: 290
ISBN: 9781596933132

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In recent years the protection of communication services operating in the same of adjacent channels has become more and more challenging. Communication systems need to be protected from natural and man-made interference. This practical reference provides a thorough understanding of how to protect communication systems from intentional and unintentional electromagnetic interference. You learn how to overcome critical problems in both digital and analog communications. This unique resource shows you how to shield equipment from electrical and magnetic fields, design TEM and GTEM-Cell, build capacitive coupling clamps for susceptibility tests, protect electronic equipment with filters, and calculate the measurement uncertainty. You find numerous, well-illustrated examples that make challenging electromagnetics issues far easier to comprehend.
Preface ; Communications Systems - Components of Communications Systems. Transmitter Systems. Receiver Systems. User Interface. Antenna Systems. Power Supplies. Considerations for Voice Versus Data. ; Electromagnetic Spectrum Used for Communications - Electromagnetic Spectrum. Spectrum Division.; Electromagnetic Properties of Communications Systems - Fundamental Communications System Electromagnetics. Wave Generation and Propagation in Free Space. Wave Generation and Propagation in the Terrestrial Atmosphere. ; Electromagnetic Interference - Electromagnetic Interference with Wave Propagation and Reception. Natural Sources of Electromagnetic Interference. Manmade Sources of Electromagnetic Interference. ; Filter Interference Control - Filters. Analog Filters. Digital Filters. Microwave Filters. ; Modulation Techniques - Signal Processing and Detection. Modulation and Demodulation. Control of System Drift. ; Electromagnetic Field Coupling to Wire - Field-to-Wire Coupling. Electric Field Coupling to Wires. Magnetic Field Coupling to Wires. Cable Shielding.; Electromagnetic Field-to-Aperture Coupling - Field-to-Aperture Coupling. Reflection and Transmission. Equipment Shielding. ; Electrical Grounding and Bonding - Grounding for Safety. Grounding for Voltage Reference Control. Bonding for Current Control. Types of Electrical Bonds. Galvanic (Dissimilar Metal) Corrosion Control.; Emissions and SusceptibilityRadiated and Conducted - Control of Emissions and SusceptibilityRadiated and Conducted. Commercial Requirements. Military Requirements. ; Measurement Facilities - Full Anechoic and Semianechoic Chambers. Open Area Test Site (OATS). Reverberation Chamber. TEM Cell. GTEM Cell. ; Typical Test Equipment - LISNLine Impedance Stabilization Network. Coupling Capacitor. Coupling Transformer. Parallel Plate for Susceptibility Test. Coupling Clamps and Probes. Injection Clamps and Probes. EMI Receiver. Spectrum Analyzer. Oscilloscopes. ; Control of Measurement Uncertainty - Evaluation of Standard Uncertainty. Distributions. Sources of Error. Definitions. ; Appendix. Acronyms and Abbreviations. Glossary. About the Author. Index;
  • Kresimir Malaric Kresimir Malaric is a professor with the faculty of electrical engineering and computing at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. He holds an and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Zagreb. Dr. Malaric is a member of the IEEE and the Croation Academy of Engineering.
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