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EW 104: EW Against A New Generation of Threats

EW 104: EW Against A New Generation of Threats

By (author): David L. Adamy
Copyright: 2015
Pages: 466
ISBN: 9781608078691

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The fourth book in the bestselling Artech House EW 100 series is dedicated to reviewing legacy threats and discussing new threats which have arisen since Y2K in communications, radar, and IR threats. Like its predecessors, EW 104 presents a series of highly informative and easy-to-comprehend tutorials, along with insightful introductory and connective material that helps you understand how each aspect fits together. This reference starts with a review of the generalities of legacy threats, from the technical point of view, with a focus on what makes the new threats more challenging. Readers are provided with details of threats in three major areas - Communications, Radars, and IR Threats.
Spectrum Warfare; Legacy Radars; Next Generation Threat Radars; Digital Communication; Legacy Communication Threats; Modern Communication Threats; Digital RF Memories; Infrared Threats and Countermeasures; Radar Decoys; ES vs. SIGINT.
  • David L. Adamy David L. Adamy has 50 years experience developing EW systems from DC to Light, deployed on platforms from submarines to space, with specifications from QRC to high reliability. For the last 30 years, he has run his own company, performing studies for the US Government and defense contractors. He has also presented dozens of courses in the US and Europe on Electronic Warfare and related subjects He has published over 200 professional articles on Electronic Warfare, receiver system design, and closely related subjects, including the popular EW101 column in the Journal of Electronic Defense. He holds an MSEE (Communication theory) and has 14 books in print, including EW 101, EW 102, and EW 103.
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