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Electric Systems Operations:Evolving to the Modern Grid

Electric Systems Operations:Evolving to the Modern Grid

By (author): Subramanian Vadari
Copyright: 2012
Pages: 276
ISBN: 9781608075492

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Here is a timely resource that gives you an insightful business perspective on electric systems operations, revealing how this area is critical to a utility's ability to provide reliable power to its customers. The book presents a thorough definition system operations, identifying and explaining the various systems that support this function and how they integrate into the utility. You discover how a utility's network operation is a key contributor to the viable sustainment of its business. The book presents the convergence of the systems used in the grid operations of today and addresses the emerging needs of the smart grid operations of tomorrow. You learn how system operations help to ensure the right levels of safety, reliability and efficiency in everything that relates to transmission and distribution grid management. The book discusses important technologically intensive systems - like EMS, DMS - that function inside the control center. Additionally, you are introduced to DEMS - an emerging system which has been designed to help utilities provide better services to customers, and enable customers to become an integral part of the overall utility system.
Introduction -Introduction to Utilities. Explain the Electric Utility. Electric Utilities: A U.S. Historical Perspective. Utilities and Regulation. ; Define System Operations - System Operations. Key Drivers for Systems Operations. What Changes from Transmission to Distribution System Operations? Distribution System Operations: AnIntroduction. Key Challenges Facing System Operations. ; Introduction to Power Systems - Basic Electric Components. Key Power System Physical Concepts Explained. Key Business Concepts Explained. ; Impact of Deregulation on System Operations - A Brief Look at the History of Deregulation in the United States. The New Participants and Their Activities. Architectural Discussion. Conclusion. ; Impact of Smart/Modern Grid on System Operations - Smart Grid Changes That Impact System Operations. Community Changes Impacting System Operations. So What Does This All Mean to the System Operator? Impact of Smart Grid on New Systems. ; Business of System Operations - Anatomy of a Utility. T&D Operating Model. Architecting the Business of System Operations. System Operations Processes. ; Control Center: The Hub of System Operations - Transmission Control Center Desks. Distribution Control Center Desks. Other Key Aspects of a Control Center. Introducing a High-Performing System Operator. ; Energy Management Systems - How an EMS Supports the System Operator 's Mandate. Key Components of an EMS. EMS Application Suites. ; Outage Management System - Types of Outages. Origins of the OMS. Architecture of an OMS. The Business of Managing Outages. Impact of Smart Meter on the OMS. Future of OMS? ; Distribution Management Systems -Introduction to the DMS. The Utility Context: Why is a DMS Needed? DMS: An Architectural Description. How the DMS Supports the System Operator 's Mandate. How the DMS Supports the Smart Grid. Key Component of a DMS. DMS Application Suites. DMS Models and Its Interface with GIS. The Future of DMS. ; Distributed Energy Management System - What Is Complicating This Situation? Distributed Energy Management System. Who Would Use This System? Service Models That Need to Be Considered. Challenges. Does DEMS Have a Future? ; System Operator Training Simulators - Drivers Behind the Need for a System Operator Training Simulator? What Are the Key Characteristics of a Good System Operator Training Simulator. Architecture of a System Operator Simulator. Key Challenges in Setting Up a System Operator Training Environment. Key Challenges in Setting Up a System Operator Training Program. Training Simulators as a Real-Time Simulation Platform. Training Simulators in the Future. ; Conclusions and What Is Coming Next on the Horizon;
  • Subramanian Vadari Subramanian Vadari is the president of Modern Grid Solutions in Sammamish, Washington. A Senior Member of the IEEE, Dr. Vadari holds an M.S.E.E. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering, both from the University of Washington in Seattle.
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