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Electromagnetic Diffraction Modeling and Simulation with MATLAB

Electromagnetic Diffraction Modeling and Simulation with MATLAB

By (author): Gokhan Apaydin   By author: Levent Sevgi
Copyright: 2020
Pages: 364
ISBN: 9781630817794

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This exciting new resource presents a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of diffraction of two-dimensional canonical structures, including wedge, strip, and triangular cylinder with different boundary conditions. Maxwell equations are discussed, along with wave equation and scattered, diffracted and fringe fields. Geometric optics, as well as the geometric theory of diffraction are explained. With MATLAB scripts included for several well-known electromagnetic diffraction problems, this book discusses diffraction fundamentals of two-dimensional structures with different boundary conditions and analytical numerical methods that are used to show diffraction.
  • Levent Sevgi Levent Sevgi is currently affiliated with the electrical and electronics engineering department of engineering and architecture at Okan University. He received his Ph.D. from the Weber Research institute at New York Polytechnic University York.
  • Gokhan Apaydin

    is a professor at Uskudar University in Istanbul. He received his Ph.D from Bogazici University. He has written books and published many journal papers and is a senior member of IEEE.

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