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Electronic Warfare Receiving Systems

Electronic Warfare Receiving Systems

By (author): Dennis Vaccaro
Copyright: 1993
Pages: 319
ISBN: 9780890065433

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This comprehensive, systematically organized text examines electronic warfare (EW) receivers from a system engineering viewpoint. Divided into two main parts, the first section introduces the subject of EW and covers the characteristics of radar signals in military applications, the fundamental physical principles that underlie all receiver systems, and the major receiver types. Section Two explores various receiver system architectures, applications, and future trends. The text is supported by 375 equations and 160 illustrations.
Preface.Introduction. Radar Signals in Military Applications. Signal Intercept and Detection. Receiver Characteristics. Crystal Video and Superheterodyne Receivers. Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (IFM). Channelized Receivers. Microscan (Compressive) Receivers. Acousto-Optical Receivers. Digital Receivers. Signal Sorting and Identification. Passive Direction-Finding and Geolocation. EW Receiving System Architetures. Future Trends in Electronic Warfare. Appendixes. Index.
  • Dennis Vaccaro
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