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Engineering Internet QoS

Engineering Internet QoS

By (author): Sanjay Jha
Copyright: 2002
Pages: 350
ISBN: 9781580535663

eBook £65.00
From the basics to the most advanced quality of service (QoS) concepts, this all encompassing, first-of-its-kind book offers an in-depth understanding of the latest technical issues raised by the emergence of new types, classes and qualities of Internet services. This books provides sufficient depth for major QoS concepts and architectures. The book provides end-to-end QoS guidance for real time multimedia communications over the Internet. It offers you a multiplicity of hands-on examples and simulation script support, and shows you where and when it is preferable to use these techniques for QoS support in networks and Internet traffic with widely varying characteristics and demand profiles. This practical resource discusses key standards and protocols, including real-time transport, resource reservation, and integrated and differentiated service models, policy based management, and mobile/wireless QoS. The book features numerous examples, simulation results and graphs that illustrate important concepts, and pseudo codes are used to explain algorithms. Case studies, based on freely available Linux/FreeBSD systems, are presented to show you how to build networks supporting Quality of Service using Linux/FreeBSD PCs.
Introduction - QoS Framework. Video Conferencing System. Overview of Audio-Video Compression Techniques. End System Considerations. Operating System Approach. Overview of Networking and Media Technologies. End-to End QoS in the Internet. Supporting QoS in Best Effort Network. Application Level Adaption. Real-Time Control Protocol (RTCP). ; QoS Fundamentals-Traffic Description. QoS Specifications and QoS Contract. QoS Signaling. Packet Classification. Resource Reservation. Admission Control. Traffic Policing. Traffic Shaping. Queuing and Scheduling. Congestion Control and Buffer Management. ; Scheduling for QoS Management - Scheduling Goals. Scheduling Techniques. Class Based Queuing (CBQ). Implementation Status. Research Directions in Scheduling.; TCP/IP and Queue Management - Internet Protocol (IP). User Datagram Protocol. TCP Basics. TCP Segment Format. TCP 3 Way Handshake. TCP Acknowledgment. Flow Control. Congestion Control. Queue Management. Research Directions.; Integrated Services Packet Network - Intserv Aim. Application Classifications. Intserv Service Classes. Flow Definition. Signaling/Flow Setup. Routing Protocol Independence. Reservation Specs. IS-Capable Router Components. LAN QoS and Intserv. Intserv Problems. Research Directions.; Resource Reservation Protocol - RSVP Features. Reservation Merger. Reservation Styles. RSVP Messages. RSVP Message Format. RSVP APIs. RSVP Problems. Other Resource Reservation Protocols. RSVP Extensions.; IP Differentiated Services Network - Diffserv Architecture. Diffserv Router. Premium Service. Experimental Evaluation of Premium Service under Linux. Assured Service. Open Issues with Diffserv. Diffserv Research Directions.; Policy Based QoS Management - Definition of Terminologies. Bandwidth Broker. Policy Framework. Policy and RSVP. Bandwidth Broker Implementation. Internet2 and Qbone. Research Directions.; ATM QoS- Why ATM Networks. Protocol Architecture. Connections. Interfaces. Cell Formats. QoS Support. Adaptation Layers. IP-ATM Integration. IP-ATM QoS Mapping. Further Reading. Research Directions.; Multi Protocol Label Switching -Introduction. Proprietary Protocols. Motivation. MPLS Basics. Conventional IP Routing. MPLS Approach. Label Distribution. Hierarchy Routing. MPLS over ATM. Traffic Engineering Using MPLS. MPLS and Latest Developments.; QoS in Mobile>/Wireless Networks-Mobile Applications. Mobile Wireless Networks. Mobile IP. Impact of Mobility on QoS. Managing QoS in Mobile Environments. Research Directions. ; Future - Intserv over Diffserv. QoS Routing, Resource Discovery and QoS. Virtual Private Network and QoS. Content Distribution Networks and QoS. Web QoS. Billing and Charging for QoS. Final Words. ;
  • Sanjay Jha Sanjay Jha is an Associate Professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales. He is also a project leader for the Smart Internet CRC and an associate of the Australian National Information and Communication Technology Center (NICTA). Dr. Jha is the author of Engineering Internet QoS (Artech House, 2002).
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