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Evaluation of R&D Processes: Effectiveness Through Measurements

Evaluation of R&D Processes: Effectiveness Through Measurements

By (author): Lynn Ellis
Copyright: 1997
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9780890067918

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As an R&D manager, you know that getting better results for your company - such as higher market share, greater customer satisfaction, and improved product quality - is often as difficult as it is crucial. This innovative new book shows you how to quantitatively measure both financial and non-financial goals like these - and illustrates how using these measurements can help guide your R&D management performance and improve your company's success. Fifteen information-filled chapters enable you to effectively: Choose financial R&D projects; Create a customer satisfaction index; Create an effectiveness index; Measure every component of idea-to-customer time; Create a balanced scorecard that 's focused on innovation rather than implementation. The book also explains how to interrelate R&D procedures with external technical and commercial areas (also known as boundary spanning), explores new methods of evaluating and practicing time management, and shows how to use cross-functional teams as a method of integrating R&D with other company functions. What's more, each chapter concludes with a special Lessons Learned section that highlights how to put the information provided to use in your R&D management practice. An invaluable how to guide for R&D managers, this book is also an excellent source of information for product managers, engineering managers, and technology management professors.
1.Introduction to Evaluating R&D Process Management: Motivation for Evaluating Projects. Government Policy Toward R&D. Finding Funds for R&D. An Approach to Metrics: A Balanced Innovation Scorecard. Some Lessons Learned From Selected Metrics. 2. Managing the Financial Boundary: Evaluating in Economic Terms. Traditional Methods of R&D Evaluation. Manage Within Your Firm's Financial Culture. Character of Measurements. Financial Frameworks Lessons Learned. 3. Evaluating the External Commercial and Technical Tasks of R&D: Market Share. Evaluating External Sources of Knowledge. Evaluating the Build-up of Commercial Knowledge. Build-up of Technological Knowledge. Effect of Internal Organization on Boundary Spanning. Lessons Learned on External Boundary Spanning. 4. Measurements in the R&D Process: An R&D Process Model. Processes as Functions of Time. Lessons Learned on Managing Along the Process. 5. Manage the Interaction With Other Functions: Managing Upstream Interfaces. Downstream Output Measurements. Lessons Learned on Managing the Interaction Process. 6. Evaluating Crossfunctional Innovation Teams: Why Crossfunctional Teams? Lessons Learned on Team Evaluation. 7. Cycle Time - Outcome and Output Evaluation Metrics:Introduction to Cycle-Time Measurement. Expanded Dimensions of Time to Market. Measuring and Recording Time. Measuring Overall Time. Measuring Time Segments. Lessons Learned on Expanded Time Measurement. 8. From Time Measurement to Time Management: Time Management Practices. Accelerating the Innovation Process. Time Management Lessons Learned. 9. Interaction and Input Metrics: Interactions With Other Organizational Units. Inputs to the Innovation Process. 10. Evaluating Internal R&D Processes: Management of Human Resource Issues. Lessons Learned on Internal Process Metrics. 11. Customer Satisfaction Evaluation and Measurement: Defining the Customer and Satisfaction. The Survey Instrument. Lessons Learned on Measuring Customer Satisfaction. 12. Improving Strategic Intent Results Through Other Evaluation Measurements: New Products and Services. Using Benchmarking for Innovation. Measuring Improvement and Growth. A Proposed R&D Effectiveness Index. Key Lessons Learned on Measuring and Evaluating Strategic Innovation. 13. Financial Frameworks in an Innovation Perspective: Financial Evaluation of R&D. Financial Analysts' Views of R&D. R&D Executives' Panel Discussion. Financial Results. Financial Frameworks Lessons Learned. 14. Methods of Quantitative Measurements: Methodology. How the 1990 Through 1995 Studies Were Done. Measuring Leading Indicators of Customer Satisfaction. Measuring Cycle Times. Measuring New Products and Services. Measuring Market Share. Measuring Benchmarking. Measuring Financial Results. 1995 Effectiveness Index Model. 15. What Is the Best Set of Leading Indicators?: Innovation Outcome Evaluation and Measurement. The Best Set of Innovation Precursors. Afterthoughts.
  • Lynn Ellis Lynn Ellis is a retired professor of management at the University of New Haven and president of Lynn W. Ellis Associates, a consulting firm for telecommunications, technology management, and strategic planning. A Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, he earned his doctorate in management from Pace University.
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