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Fourier Transforms in Radar and Signal Processing, Second Edition

Fourier Transforms in Radar and Signal Processing, Second Edition

By (author): David Brandwood
Copyright: 2011
Pages: 262
ISBN: 9781608071975

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Fourier transforms are used widely, and are of particular value in the analysis of single functions and combinations of functions found in radar and signal processing. Still, many problems that could have been tackled by using Fourier transforms may have gone unsolved because they require integration that is difficult and tedious. This newly revised and expanded edition of a classic Artech House book provides you with an up-to-date, coordinated system for performing Fourier transforms on a wide variety of functions. Along numerous updates throughout the book, the Second Edition includes a critical new chapter on periodic waveforms - a topic not covered in any other book - and detailed coverage of asymmetric triangular pulse. By building upon Woodward's well known Rules and Pairs method and related concepts and procedures, this book establishes a unified system that makes implicit the integration required for performing Fourier transforms on a wide variety of functions. It details how complex functions can be broken down to their constituent parts for analysis. You can now concentrate on functional relationships instead of getting bogged down in the details of integration. This approach to implementing Fourier transforms is illustrated with many specific examples from digital signal processing as well as radar and antenna operation. DVD-ROM Included: Contains MATLAB programs that implement many of the results presented in the book.
Introduction - Aim of the Work. Origin of the Rules-and-Pairs Method for Fourier Transforms. Outline of the Rules-and-Pairs Method. The Fourier Transform and Generalized Functions. Complex Waveforms and Spectra in Signal Processing. Outline of the Contents. ; Rules and Pairs -Introduction. Notation. Rules and Pairs. Four Illustrations. ; Pulse Spectra -Introduction. Symmetrical Trapezoidal Pulse. Symmetrical Triangular Pulse. Asymmetric Trapezoidal Pulse. Asymmetric Triangular Pulse. Raised Cosine Pulse. Rounded Pulses. General Rounded Trapezoidal Pulse. Regular Train of Identical RF Pulses. Carrier Gated by a Regular Pulse Train. Pulse Doppler Radar Target Return. Summary. ; Periodic Waveforms, Fourier Series, and Discrete Fourier Transforms -Introduction. Power Relations for Periodic Waveforms. Fourier Series of Real Functions Using Rules and Pairs. Discrete Fourier Transforms. Summary. ; Sampling Theory -Introduction. Basic Technique. Wideband Sampling. Uniform Sampling. Hilbert Sampling. Quadrature Sampling. Low IF Analytic Signal Sampling. High IF Sampling. Summary. ; Interpolation for Delayed Waveform Time Series -Introduction. Spectrum Independent Interpolation. Least Squared Error Interpolation. Application to Generation of Simulated Gaussian Clutter. Resampling. Summary. ; Equalization -Introduction. Basic Approach. ramp and sncr Functions. Example of Amplitude Equalization. Equalization for Broadband Array Radar. Sum Beam Equalization. Difference Beam Equalization. Summary. ; Array Beamforming -Introduction. Basic Principles. Uniform Linear Arrays. Nonuniform Linear Arrays. Summary. ; Final Remarks. About the Author. Index;
  • David Brandwood David Brandwood has over 40 years of experience in the field of electronics research. A frequent contributor to industry conferences and journals, he holds a degree in physics from Oxford University, a degree in mathematics from the Open University, and a Ph.D. from University College London.
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