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Handbook of Computer Simulation in Radio Engineering, Communications, and Radar

Handbook of Computer Simulation in Radio Engineering, Communications, and Radar

By (author): Sergey A. Leonov
Copyright: 2001
Pages: 520
ISBN: 9781580532808

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This first-of-its-kind handbook serves as a comprehensive, systematic reference to the major mathematical models used in radio engineering and communications, and presents computer simulation algorithms to help you estimate parameters of radio systems. It provides you with the technical details necessary to confidently design and analyze radar, communication, radio navigation, radio control, electronic intelligence, and electronic warfare systems. Mathcad routines, cited in the handbook, help you optimize radar system performance analysis, and can be used to create custom-made software that better answers your specific needs. From discussions on the mathematical modeling in radio engineering - to coverage of radar system models, this unique guide saves you time by gathering the critical information you need in one handy volume. Plus, it offers many methods and algorithms that have been previously available in Russian-language resources only. Extensively supported with over 2,290 equations and 270 illustrations.
About the Authors. Acknowledgements.Preface. Part 1: The Mathematical Modeling in Radio Engineering Deterministic Modeling - Basic Definitions. Mathematical Description of the Signals. Mathematical Description of Noise. Mathematical Description of Signal Processing.; Stochastic Modeling: Statistical Synthesis of Random Functions - Random Events and Variables. Random Processes. Random Fields. Estimation of Random Function Parameters. The Random Processes and RF Circuits.; Methods of Modeling - Method of Carrier Frequency. Method of Complex Envelope. Method of Statistical Equivalents. Mathematical Description of Circuit Components.; References. Selected Bibliography.; Part 2: Radar System Simulation Radar Cross Section - Effective RCS. RCS Fluctuation. RCS of a Target for a Bistatic Radar. RCS of Aircraft and Ships. RCS of Antennas. RCS of Birds and Insects. RCS of Simple Shapes.; Antennas and Propagation - Antenna Patterns and Gain. Phased-Array Patterns and Gain. Pattern-Propagation Factor.; Waveforms and Signal Processing - Pulsed Waveform Generation. Digital Pulse Compression. Frequency-Selective Filtering.; Detection and Integration - Probability of Detection and False Alarm. Detectability Factor. Minimum Detectable Signal. M-out-of-N Integration.; Losses - Atmospheric (attenuation) Loss. Beamshape Loss. CFAR Loss. Fluctuation Loss. Integration Loss. MTI Processing Loss. Propagation Loss. Quantization Loss. Straddling Losses. Pulse Compression Weighting Loss. Clutter Distribution Loss.; Maximum Detection Range (MDR) - MDR for a Generic Pulsed Radar. MDR for a Generic Pulsed Radar in Clutter Environment. MDR for a Generic Pulsed Radar, in Jamming Environment. MDR for an Altimeter. MDR for a Bistatic Radar. MDR for a Laser Radar. MDR for a Meteorological Radar. MDR for a Search Radar. System Operating Range for a Secondary Radar. MDR for a Synthetic -Aperture Radar. MDR for a Tracking Radar.; Measurement Errors - Angle Measurement Error. Range Measurement Error. Velocity Measurement Error. Propagation Errors. Platform-Dependent Errors.; Noise and Interference Immunity - Noise and Interference Simulation. Receiving Noise Figure. Signal-to-Interference Ratio. System Noise Temperature. MTI, Limitations to Performance. Subclutter Visibility.; Appendices. About the Author. Index.; ; ;
  • Sergey A. Leonov Sergey A. Leonov is a principal scientist at Raytheon Canada.mHe is the co-author of Handbook of Computer Simulation in Radio Engineering,mCommunications and Radar, RadarmTechnology Encyclopedia,mand Russian-English Dictionary of Radar and Electronics (Artech House, 2001, 1997, 1993) among other books. He holds an M.Sc. from Kharkov University and a Ph.D. and D.Sc.from the Moscow Aerospace Institute.
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