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High Frequency Electromagnetic Dosimetry

High Frequency Electromagnetic Dosimetry

Copyright: 2009
Pages: 225
ISBN: 9781596933972

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Along with the growth of RF and microwave technology applications, there is a mounting concern about the possible adverse effects over human health from electromagnetic radiation. Addressing this issue and putting it into perspective, this groundbreaking resource provides critical details on the latest advances in high frequency electromagnetic dosimetry. The book takes a scientific and rigorous engineering point of view, helping you achieve highly accurate exposure assessments.
Introduction -Introduction. Exposure Scenarios. The Nature of the Interaction: Rationale for Limiting Exposure to EMF. International Scientific Messages. Risk Communication and Perception. The Reason for Writing this Book. ; Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Fields Interaction with Matter -Introduction. Electromagnetic Dosimetry. Dielectric Properties. Heat Generation. Conclusions. ; Far-Field Numerical Electromagnetic Dosimetry -Introduction. Electromagnetic Exposure Evaluation and Compliance Testing. Human Body and Source Modeling. Simulation Techniques. ; Near-Field Numerical Electromagnetic Dosimetry - Phantom and Source Modeling. Simulation Techniques. ; In Situ Measured Exposure Assessment and Compliance Testing -Introduction. Preevaluation. Instrumentation for Measurement. Volunteer Studies. Accurate Far-Field Compliance Testing for 2G Measurements. Accurate Far-Field Compliance Testing for 3G Measurements. ; Near-Field SAR Measurements with Automated Scanning Systems -Introduction. Dosimetric Assessment System. SAR Assessment System. Portable SAR Systems. Sources of Inaccuracies. ; The Effect of Metallic Objects on SAR Distributions -Introduction. Perfectly Conducting Spectacles and Eye Implants. Electrodes and Wire-Leads. Pins. Plates. Rings, Piercings, and Auditory Implants. Stents. ; Worldwide Standardization and Guideline Discrepancies -Introduction. Extremities and Mass- and Time-Averaging. Volume Averaging. Regulations. ; Medical Applications of High Frequency Electromagnetic Energy - Electromagnetic Therapy and Hypothermia. Therapeutic Applications. Conclusions and Future Research.; Conclusions ; Acronyms. About the Editor. Index ;
  • David A. Sanchez Hernandez David Sanchez Hernandez received the Readership from the Technical University of Cartagena, Spain, where he serves as head of the Radio Communications Engineering Group. He is also the editor of Multiband Integrated Antennas for 4G Terminals (Artech House, 2008) and he has written, cowritten, and contributed to numerous books, more than 40 technical papers, and 9 patents. He is also a reviewer of several international journals. Dr. Sanchez Hernandez earned his Ph.D. in communications systems at Kingís College London, University of London.
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