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Homeland Security Technology Challenges:

Homeland Security Technology Challenges: From Sensing and Encrypting to Mining and Modeling

Copyright: 2008
Pages: 314
ISBN: 9781596932906

eBook £85.00
Written and edited by leading experts in the field, this timely resource presents a thorough overview of the technical facets of Homeland Security (HS). This practical book offers you expert guidance on sensors and the preprocessing of sensed data, the handling of sensed data with secure and safe procedures, and the design, modeling and simulation of complex HS systems. You learn how to store, encrypt and mine sensitive data. Further, the book shows how data is transmitted and received along wired or wireless networks, operating on electromagnetic channels. Critical topics include embedded wireless sensor networks, tapping the vehicle grid for homeland security, visual detection of humans, mining databases, single-database private information retrieval, the channel model for sensor networks in an urban environment, sensing through walls, and stopping cars and mobiles. This unique, cutting-edge volume includes over 100 illustrations and more than 460 references that support key discussions throughout the book.
The Homeland Security Scenario. Embedded Wireless Sensor Networks. Visual Detection and Classification of Humans, Their Pose and Their Motion. Mining Data Bases and Data Streams. Single-Database Private Information Retrieval: A Survey. Tapping The Vehicle Grid for Homeland Security. Channel Model for Sensor Networks in the Urban Scenario. Large Systems ' Modeling and Simulation. A Novel Through-The-Wall Imaging Sensor. Stopping Cars and Mobiles: Prototype Experiments.
  • Giorgio Franceshetti Giorgio Franceschetti is a full professor at the University Federico II, Napoli, Italy, an adjunct professor at UCLA, and a distinguished visiting scientist at JPL. Dr. Franceschetti is the author/editor of several books and has published over 160 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals of recognized standards. He earned his Ph.D. in electronic and telecommunications engineering at the University of Rome.
  • Marina Grossi Marina Grossi is chief executive officer of SELEX Sistemi Integrati, a Finmeccanica company, leader in defense electronics and air traffic control systems.
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