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How to Run Successful High-Tech Project-Based Organizations

How to Run Successful High-Tech Project-Based Organizations

By (author): Fergus O'Connell
Copyright: 1999
Pages: 316
ISBN: 9781580530101

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This book offers you practical, real-world steps to creating a Structured Project Management (SPM) system throughout your organization. Based on the ten steps in best-selling author Fergus O'Connell's previous book, How to Run Successful Projects, this book expands on that concept to offer a thorough solution to keeping today's high-tech companies competitive, on budget, and on schedule. Using SPM company-wide, you create a system wherein unforeseen challenges or problems occur on a localized level where they do not affect the system-wide enterprise. All project tasks are clearly described as being both unique and part of a larger scheme, giving definition and a sense of importance to individuals, departments, divisions, and an entire company. From the individual on up, smaller projects are completed and compiled, layer-upon-layer, until your whole organization is producing at peak levels. Such an approach aligns an organization's strategic goals and daily operations along a single path. Offering real-world examples and practical, immediate lessons, How to Run Successful Project-Based Organizations is a dynamic tool for business leaders, IT managers, project managers, and other executives wanting to run their organizations at maximum efficiency.
Level 1 - Fixing Projects. The Ten Steps. Scoping Projects and Making Plans. Running Projects. Assessing Project Plans. Assessing Projects. Rescuing Projects. Auditing Completed Projects. Running Multiple Projects. Building an Historical Database. Analyzing Project Management Processes. Managing Subcontractors. Level 2 - iSPMiO. The Organization-Wide Status Report. Project Management Performance Model. Figuring Out Where You Are. Start Making it Better. Case Studies. The Lazy Manager 's Weekly Routine. Program for a Project-Based Organization. Level 3 - Treating Your Organization as a Project. Building the Plan. Executing the Plan. Level 4 - So Why do Things go Wrong? Why do Projects go Wrong? Why do Organizations go Wrong?
  • Fergus O'Connell Fergus O'Connell graduated with a First in Mathematical Physics from University College Cork. Since founding, ETP (Eyes on the Prize), his own project management consulting company, in 1992, he has taught thousands of managers in his unique seminars and worked with major corporations around the world. With 243 years in the computer industry, 210 spent in project management roles, this best-selling author wrote the highly-regarded book How to Run Successful High-Tech Project-Based Organizations (Artech House, 1999).
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