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ITS Handbook 2000: Recommendations from the World Road Association (PIARC)

ITS Handbook 2000: Recommendations from the World Road Association (PIARC)

Copyright: 1999
Pages: 400
ISBN: 9781580531030

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Combining a comprehensive definition of Intelligent Transport Systems and a full review of experimental implementation of ITS in various countries around the world, this new book is an excellent introduction to ITS concepts and implementation for transportation managers, planners and designers everywhere. Whether you 're planning to convert existing roadway systems into the superhighway of tomorrow or you're charged with creating an entirely new roadway incorporating the best intelligent systems, this is an essential guide that helps you understand what technologies are available and what kinds of success others have experienced with ITS already. Compiled by the World Road Association's Committee on Intelligent Transport, ITS Handbook 2000 brings you up-to-date information and anecdotes from the pioneers of tomorrow's intelligent transport systems. This handbook provides you with practical data via 15 case studies and 23 country profiles in order to increase international understanding, ideas and solutions to common transportation problems of congestion, traffic accidents, planning for and funding of infrastructure improvements and changes, and the environmental impact of surface transport. Plus, you get critical insight in the areas of architecture and standards, two elemental ITS points, from acknowledged experts in the field. Featuring extensive case studies and evidence collected from PIARC surveys, workshops and on-going Internet dialog, ITS Handbook 2000 includes extensive appendices including information on ITS Unit Costs, questionnaires for transitional countries, and a list and definition of acronyms. ITS Handbook 2000 is available in a French language edition.
Foreword. Members of PIARC C16. Executive Summary. What is ITS? How Does ITS Work? What Does ITS Do for Me? How Do I Plan and Finance ITS? How Do I Launch ITS? What About Transitional Countries? Appendices.
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