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Implementing Successful Building Information Modeling

Implementing Successful Building Information Modeling

By (author): Erika Epstein
Copyright: 2013
Pages: 288
ISBN: 9781608071401

eBook £95.00
Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of generating and managing building data during a building's lifecycle. Today, more and more architectural firms have adopted BIM software and processes because it allows them to produce measurably more work of better quality, in shorter periods of time. Featuring case studies of firms of all sizes, this practical resource shows you how to implement BIM in the building industry around the globe. The book explains how BIM allows collected data to be used and added to during the occupied life of the building. You also become knowledgeable about the changing role of architects within the building industry as they embed BIM in their workflow. From interoperability and open standards, knowledge sharing, and gathering data, to the BIM software suite, implementation planning, and project workflow, this authoritative volume provides a thorough understanding of key aspects of BIM.
What Is BIM? -Introduction. BIM: An Elusive Definition. BIM Team. Data Management. Interoperability and Open Standards. Quality Control. Collaboration. Risk Management. Summary. ; History of BIM -Introduction. Hand Drafting to BIM. Conclusions. ; Implementing BIM -Introduction. BIM Implementation Goals. Developing a Plan. The BIM Life Cycle: Opening New Opportunities for Architects. Managing Risk. Summary. ; The BIM Team -Introduction. The BIM Manager. The Planning Phase Team. Design Phase Team. Construction Phase. Occupancy Phase. Occupancy Phase Team. The Demolition Phase Team. Summary. ; The BIM Process -Introduction. The Virtual Building. Parametric Objects. Planning. Design. Construction. Period of Occupancy. Workflow. Changes in Workflow using BIM. Embedding Data. 3-D Visualization. Documenting the Workflow. Summary. ; Collaboration -Introduction. Collaborative Decision Process. Data Sharing. Standards. Managing Risk of Collaborative Decision Making. Scheduling. Summary. ; Quality Control and Risk Management -Introduction. Minimizing Errors. Programming. BIM Quality During the Occupied Life of a Building. Facility Management. Risk Management. Summary. ; Interoperability and Open Standards -Introduction. Interoperability. Open Standards. Summary. ; Data Management -Introduction. Data Collection. Global Search Engine. Local Search Engine. Extracting Data. Data Collection. Data. Data Storage. Sharing Projects. Summary. ; BIM Tools -Introduction. Choosing the Right Software. What Is Driving the Change? Types of BIM Tools. Summary. ; Measuring Success -Introduction. Defining the Goals. Benchmarks. Identify Metrics. Measuring Success. Summary. ; Case Studies; RBB Architects, Inc. -Introduction. Firm Profile. BIM Implementation. CAVE Technology. Projects Profiled. Summary. ; Fender Katsalidis Architects, Melbourne Australia -Introduction. Firm Profile. BIM Implementation. Local Criteria that Influences BIM Implementation. Projects. Lessons Learned. ; Aziz Tayob Architects, Inc., Pretoria, South Africa -Introduction. Firm Profile. CAD and BIM Use. Local Criteria that Influences BIM Implementation. ; Pavlides Associates, S.A., Athens, Greece -Introduction. Firm Profile. BIM Implementation. Local Criteria that Influence BIM Implementation. Projects Profiled. Lessons Learned. ; Miguel Krippahl -Introduction. Firm Profile. BIM Implementation. Architect Model to Contractor 's Model. Local Criteria That Influence BIM Implementation. Profiled Projects: Centro Escolar de Seia, Portugal. Summary. ; Thompson Plans: Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, U.S.A -Introduction. Firm Profile. BIM Implementation. Risk Management. Marketing. Projects Profiled. ; bT Square Peg, Mumbai, India -Introduction. Firm Profile. BIM Implementation. Local Criteria that Influence BIM Implementation. Projects Profiled. Summary. ; Hartela Oy, Turku, Finland -Introduction. Firm Profile. BIM Implementation. Profiled Projects. The Future of BIM at Hartela Oy.; Mota-Engil Engenharia e Construcv£o, SA, Porto, Portugal -Introduction. Firm Profile. BIM Implementation. BIM Modeling. Line of Balance. Transition to BIM. Cost Estimating. Projects Profiled. Lessons Learned. ; BIMStorms -Introduction. BIMStorm Scenarios. Preparation. The Onuma System. Data Management. Summary. ; The BIMStorm¬Æ Experience -Introduction. BIMStorm LAX. BIMStorm London. BIMstorm Build Hospital Live, Alesund Norway and Washington, D.C.. Plan Haiti BIMStorm. Summary.;
  • Erika Epstein Erika Epstein runs her own architecture practice, where her areas of interest have expanded from traditional building design to include the study and application of BIM. The recipient of several awards for her work in the field, she holds a B.F.A. and B.Arch from Cornell University. She is a member of the AIA (American Institute of Architects).
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