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Inertial Navigation Systems Analysis

Inertial Navigation Systems Analysis

By (author): Kenneth Britting
Copyright: 2010
Pages: 274
ISBN: 9781608070787

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Out-of-print for years, this highly sought-after volume, remains the most popular reference on inertial navigation systems analysis. Finally, this classic book is back in print and readily available to you. Authored by a pioneer in the field, this authoritative resource focuses on terrestrial navigation, but is also useful for air and sea applications. Packed with valuable, time-saving equations and models, the book helps engineers design optimal navigation systems by comparing the performance of the various types of system mechanizations. Although applications and technology have changed over the years, this book remains the best source for fundamental inertial navigation system knowledge, from notational conventions, reference frames, and geometry of the earth, to unified error analysis, self-alignment techniques, and the development of a system error model. This well-illustrated, timeless reference belongs on the shelf of every practicing engineer working in this area.
Introduction. Mathematical Notation and Techniques. Reference Frames. Geometry of the Earth. Single-Degree-of-Freedom Gyroscope Performance. The Space-Stabilized Terrestrial Navigator. The Local-Level Terrestrial Navigator. Development of a Unified Error Analysis. Self-Alignment Techniques. Appendices.
  • Kenneth Britting
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