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Info. Warfare and Electronic Warfare Systems.

Info. Warfare and Electronic Warfare Systems.

By (author): Richard Poisel
Copyright: 2013
Pages: 436
ISBN: 9781608077069

eBook £72.00
Information warfare is emerging as the new war fighting paradigm of the U.S. and many of its allies. This book is the first in the field to address communication electronic warfare (EW) systems in the context of information warfare. Authored by a recognized leading authority, the book includes a unique formulation of EW system performance and presents results of system simulations that have not appeared previously in any related literature. Essential reading for EW engineers and researchers working in defense, aerospace, and military capacities, the book explores the properties of information, the properties of information communication means, information theory, EW system architectures, and two operational simulations, one in Northeast Asia and the other in urban terrain.
Introduction to Information Warfare and Electronic Warfare Systems -Introduction. Global Information Grid. Networks. Information and Information Theory. Electronic Warfare and NCO. EW Systems. Concluding Remarks.; Information and Information Operations -Introduction. Information. OODA Loop and Cognitive Hierarchy. Information Operations. Concluding Remarks.; Information Theory -Introduction. Random Variables and Probabilities. Information. Information Channels. Common Channel Models. Concluding Remarks. Appendix. ; A Model of Information Warfare -Introduction. Defining Information Warfare. Information Warfare Strategies. Hypergames and IW. Concluding Remarks. Appendix. ; Electronic Warfare Systems and Network-Centric Warfare -Introduction. Network Centric Warfare. Thick and Thin Sensors. EW Contributions. Effects-Based Operations and the Role of EW. Collaboration. Data and Information. Fusion. Concluding Remarks.; Networking -Introduction. Computer Networks. Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. MANET Security. EW Attacks on MANETs. MANETs and EW Systems. Concluding Remarks.; Situation Awareness -Introduction. Situation Awareness and Fusion Levels. Situation Assessment Strategies. Bayesian Logic and Bayesian Belief Networks. Concluding Remarks.; EW Systems -Introduction. EW System Architectures. Receiving Systems. EA System Architectures. EW System Operational Considerations. Concluding Remarks. ; Electronic Warfare System Performance -Introduction. The Wiretap Channel. Arbitrarily Varying Channels. Electronic Support Performance. Jamming Performance in AWGN Channels. Spatially Duplexed EW System Performance with Multiple Antennas. EW Performance with Collocated EA and ES and Multiple Antennas. Independent ES and EA System Performance. Concluding Remarks.; EW Architecture Simulations -Introduction. Engineering Simulation. Operational Simulation. Recommendations. Concluding Remarks. Appendix. ;
  • Richard Poisel Richard A. Poisel holds a Ph.D in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Wisconsin . He is currently a consultant on engineering for electronic warfare applications.
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