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Intelligent Transportation Systems Architectures

Intelligent Transportation Systems Architectures

Copyright: 1999
Pages: 504
ISBN: 9780890065259

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Written for both technical and non-technical professionals involved in intelligent transportation system (ITS) development, this clear, systematic guide describes a practical approach to planning, developing, and implementing successful ITS architectures in regional settings. Based on the principles and methods they used to help create the recently developed US National ITS Architecture, the authors provide you with a solid understanding of each critical step involved in the regional ITS deployment process. You learn the key ingredients that make up an effective ITS mission statement, how to choose the best ITS technologies for a specific application, the components involved in developing an appropriate logical and physical architecture, and much more. The book is valuable reading for transportation planners, system engineers, and consultants who want to understand the various disciplines associated with ITS, and who need to formulate practical solutions to challenging ITS problems. It also provides investors, government officials, and other interest groups with the information they need to prepare and deliver practical input to ITS development projects.
Introduction. What Are Intelligent Transportation Systems? The Regional ITS Architecture Development. Conducting Structured Requirements Analysis. Developing and Applying an ITS Vision Statement. ITS Technology Review and Selection. Incorporating Legacy and Protecting Sunk Investment. Addressing Institutional and Organizational Issues. Developing an ITS Logical Architecture. Developing an ITS Physical Architecture. Defining and Supporting Data Flows and Interfaces. Applying ITS Standards. Effective ITS Outreach Programs. Developing an ITS Implementation Strategy. Producing Effective ITS Designs. Smart ITS Procurement. Considering Commercial Aspects of ITS. An Approach to Economic Evaluation of ITS. ITS Simulation Modeling Issues. ITS Architecture Development Case Studies.
  • Judy McQueen
  • Bob McQueen

    is CEO of Bob McQueen and Associates. He earned his B.S. in civil engineering at the University of Strathclyde, Glascow, Scotland, and his M.S. in highways and transportation from City University, London, England.

  • Rick Schuman Rick Schuman is manager, Traveler Information Systems, PBS&J. He received his B.S. in engineering from Boston University and M.S. in systems engineering from George Mason University.
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