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Intersystem EMC Analysis, Interference, and Solutions

Intersystem EMC Analysis, Interference, and Solutions

Copyright: 2018
Pages: 300
ISBN: 9781630815639

eBook £132.00

This comprehensive new resource provides methods and tools for defining EMC requirements and techniques for performing predictions and calculations to achieve electromagnetic compatibility. This book demonstrates how radar, communications, and navigation systems can function without interference. EMC requirements for the device, platform, site, and arena level are discussed and EMC detection analysis is utilized to predict EMC problems. The book explores the interference between receiving and transmitting electronic systems and examines intersystem and intrasystem EMC.


Techniques and mathematical framework for performing EMC prediction and calculations to solve electromagnetic compatibility problems are highlighted. Moreover, this book presents classic methods and several original EMC calculation procedures including new approaches in mathematical development of interference probability calculations. Readers learn how to anticipate problems and then define EMC solutions.

Definitions; EMC Requirements; EMC Analysis and Survey; Interference Type; Interference from Both Transmitter and Receiver; Interference from the Transmitter; Interference from the Receiver; Calculating the Received Interference Level; Interference Margin and Its Meaning; The Interference Range and the Reception Range; Propagation Models for EMC; Coupling Between Antennas; Relative Angels Between Antennas; Antenna Gain in Intercardinal Angles; Near Field; Interference Probability; Interference Probability–Antenna Patterns Aspect; Probability of Frequency Difference; Probability of Pulse Interference; Pulse Interference to Digital Communication; EMC Between Synchronous Hopping Devices; EMC Solutions; EMC Tests; Appendix–Device EMC Specifications Table.


Review: Midwest Book Review - September 1, 2018

An excellent new reference is a recommended pick for college-level collections strong in electrical engineering and antenna design, offering engineers solid discussions of theory, applications, and different systems and their management. Uri Vered's Intersystem EMC Analysis, Interference, and Solutions considers new tools and methods for EMC requirements and techniques, including calculations, discussions of radar and communications systems, interference sources, and intersystem EMC. Techniques for performing EMC prediction and calculations key to problem-solving are essential to this book, which offers engineers step-by-step insights into EMC challenges and how they may be addressed.

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