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Introduction to Innovation and Technology Transfer

Introduction to Innovation and Technology Transfer

By (author)s: Ian Cooke, Paul Mayes
Copyright: 1995
Pages: 365
ISBN: 9780890068328

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Today's most successful businesses thrive on their ability to recognize market needs, conceptualize products that will meet those needs, and acquire the technology necessary to make them a reality. This comprehensive book shows how to make this process of innovation and technology transfer work for your company. The authors describe and evaluate the whole innovation process as it would affect a company implementing a new product or service, from the initial identification of needs and opportunities, through the location and assessment of available technologies, to business and management aspects such as finance, marketing and intellectual property.
Introduction and Key Terms. Overview and the Technology Transfer Process. Monitoring Information. Searching for the Technology. Company to Company Transfers. Marketing Opportunities. Evaluation of the Technology. Role of the Business Plan. Financing of Innovation. Protecting the Technology. Prototypes and Product Development. Reducing the Risk.Introduction to the Management of Innovation and Change. Project Management and the Launch. Human Resources. Control and Performance Measures.
  • Ian Cooke
  • Paul Mayes
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