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Introduction to Nanorobotic Manipulation and Assembly

Introduction to Nanorobotic Manipulation and Assembly

By (author)s: Guangyong Li, Ning Xi
Copyright: 2011
Pages: 308
ISBN: 9781608071340

eBook £113.00
Nanotechnology will allow us to build devices smaller than previously thought possible and will bring fundamental changes to disciplines within engineering, chemistry, medicine, biology, and physics. Understanding the principles of nano manipulation and assembly is tremendously important for those aiming to develop nanoscale systems. This forward-looking resource offers you cutting-edge coverage of the fundamentals and latest applications in this burgeoning field from an engineering perspective. The book shows you how nano-manipulation allows for the detection and manipulation of tiny entities such as single molecules, nanotubes, nanocubes, cells, viruses, proteins, and DNA molecules. You discover the most promising nanorobotic manipulation and assembly methods and find clear examples of key application areas, including nano sensors, electronics, and biomedical engineering. Supported with over 100 illustrations, this groundbreaking volumes offers comprehensive coverage of the subject, from the physics of nano manipulation to robotic assembly of nano devices. Moreover, you get a glimpse of the future direction of this revolutionary technological area.
Preface ; Introduction to Nanomanufacturing - Nanomanufacturing. Nanoassembly and Nanomanipulation. Major Challenges in Nanomanufacturing. Overview. ; Microscopic Force Analysis in Nanomanipulation - Scaling Effects: Quantum or Classical? Interaction Forces in Nanomanipulation. Distinctions Between Macroscopic Forces and Nanoscale Forces. ; Actuation Methods for Nanorobotic Manipulation and Assembly -Introduction. Electrokinetic Based Actuation. Laser Based Actuation. Piezoelectric Enabled Actuators. Conclusion. ; Nanomanipulation by Dielectrophoresis - Overview. Dielectrophoretic Based Manipulation. Theory of Dielectrophoretic Manipulation. Dielectrophoretic Manipulation of Carbon Nanotubes. Manipulation of Carbon Nanotubes using Microfluidics. Towards Very-Large-Scale Integrated Micro- and Nanofluidics. Summary. ; Overview of Nanomanipulation by Scanning Probe -Introduction to Atomic Force Microscopy. Interactive Force Between Tip and Sample. AFM Operating Modes. Historical Review of SPM Based Nanorobotics. Modern Schemes of SPM Based Nanorobotics. Problems and Solutions. ; Reducing Atomic-Scale Stick-Slip Motion by Feedback Control in Nanomanipulation - Modeling of the Atomic-Scale Nanomanipulation System. Open-Loop Control. Real-Time Feedback Control. Further Discussions Beyond the Original Model. ; Compressive Sensing Based Video Rate Fast Imaging System -Introduction. AFM Based Imaging and Manipulation. Art of Compressive Sensing. Compressive Sensing Based Fast Imaging System. Experimental Results and Discussion. Summary and Perspective. ; Stochastic Approach for Feature Based Localization and Planning in Nanomanipulation - Uncertainties on Tip Motion Control. Stochastic Feature Based Localization and Planning. Frame Definition and Motion Model of AFM Tip. Stochastic Feature and Local Scan Based Observation. Numerical Simulation and Experiment for Tip Position Localization and Planning. ; AFM Based Nanorobotic System Enhanced by Augmented Reality - Overview. 3-D Interactive Force Measurement. Position Control. Active Probe for Force and Position Control. Behavior Models of Nanoscale Objects. Tip-Surface-Objects Interaction Models. System Implementation and Experiment Results. Summary. ; Sensor Referenced Real-Time Visual Feedback in Nanorobotic Manipulation and Assembly - Limitation of Augmented Reality System. The Augmented Reality System with Real-Time Fault Detection and Correction. Real-Time Random Drift Compensation with Local Scan. On-Line Fault Detection and Correction. Implementation and Experimental Results. Conclusion. ; CAD Guided Automated Nanorobotic Manipulation and Assembly -Introduction. Framework. CAD Model of Nanostructures. Automated Manipulation of Nanoparticles. Automated Manipulation of Nanorod/Nanowire. Examples. Summary. ; Development of Nanoelectronic Devices Using Nanomanipulation - Importance of Carbon Nanotubes. Nanomanipulation of Carbon Nanotube Based Devices. CNT Based Optical Sensors. Nanoelectronic Devices. Summary. ; Robotic Manipulations of Biological Objects -Introduction. Uniqueness of Nanorobotic System for Imaging and Manipulation of Single Biomolecules. In Situ Manipulations of Receptors and Investigation of Bio Markers. ; Index ;
  • Guangyong Li Guangyong Li is an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. He holds an M.S. in control theory and applications from the Beijing Institute of Control Engineering and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Michigan State University.
  • Ning Xi Ning Xi is a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Michigan State University. He holds an M.S. in computer science from Northeastern University and an M.S. and D.Sc. in system science and mathematics from Washington University.
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