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Introduction to Sensor Systems

Introduction to Sensor Systems

By (author): Shaheen A. Hovanessian
Copyright: 1988
Pages: 250
ISBN: 9780890062715

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Not available elsewhere, here's the first easy-to-understand technical book on the new and growing field of sensor systems that describes the design and performance equations of all types of sensors from microwave radars to electro-optical systems. This book shows you conditions under which various sensor systems operate and the performance characteristics of each sensor and combination of sensors. Several examples of existing and future sensor systems are given. These examples include a discussion of the data and image obtained from these sensor systems. An ideal text for graduate students and working engineers, Introduction to Sensor Systems is particularly useful in the conceptual design of sensor systems and performance evaluation of existing sensors.
Preface.Introduction to Sensor Systems. Microwave Radar Systems. Synthetic Array and Imaging Radars. Millimeter-Wave Radar Systems. Thermal Imaging Systems. Laser Radar Systems. Multiple Sensor Tracking and Data Fusion. Multiple Sensor Effectiveness and Expert Matrix Method. References.
  • Shaheen A. Hovanessian
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