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Logarithmic Amplification

Logarithmic Amplification

By (author): Richard Smith Hughes
Copyright: 1986
Pages: 206
ISBN: 9780890061824

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Discover all the design considerations for integrating logarithmic amplifiers into modern radar and electronic warfare systems. Logarithmic Amplification shows you - radar, electronic warfare and electronic support measure system designers and engineers - all the design aspects of detector-logarithmic video amplifiers and logarithmic intermediate frequency (IF) amplifiers, from basic logarithmic transfer functions to continuuous wave rejection. Logarithmic Amplification is the first book to present the overall system considerations for the use of detector-logarithmic video and logarithmic IF amplifiers - giving you the strengths and weaknesses of each. You'll learn how to choose the best logarithmic amplifier for your radar or electronic warfare system. Containing hundreds of design diagrams and equations, Logarithmic Amplification presents logarithmic amplifiers in terms of system requirements, including instantaneous input dynamic range, input duty cycle, rise and recovery times, RF/IF input frequency and bandwidth. You'll also get an in-depth introduction to the design of logarithmic video amplifiers for master chip integration. A major feature of Logarithmic Amplification is a comprehensive analysis of the design of a simple, cost-effective detector-logarithmic video amplifier. Logarithmic Amplification features detailed analysis, descriptions, and explanations of the following: the basic logarithmic transfer function including the ideal and practical logarithmic transfer function; a variety of logarithmic video amplifiers including parallel summation logarithmic, detector-logarithmic, and series linear-limit logarithmic video amplifiers; logarithmic IF amplifiers, successive detection and true log IPF amplifiers; dc-coupled detector-logarithmic videos, and pseudo-dc coupling; elements of specifying logarithmic amplifiers for radar and EW applications, including IF center frequency and bandwidth, instantaneous input dynamic range, logarithmic conformity, linear-logarithmic transition input power, logarithmic slope, tangential signal sensitivity, output rms noise level, output dc offset voltage, selectivity, continuous wave rejection, and power supply rejection; selected system applications, including log IF/detector-logarithmic video comparison, amplitude-independent fequency discriminator, linearizing automatic gain control response, monopulse direction finding, and extended range detector-logarithmic video amplifier.
  • Richard Smith Hughes
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