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M.I.T. Radiation Laboratory Series

M.I.T. Radiation Laboratory Series

By (author): MIT Document Services
Copyright: 1999
ISBN: 9781580530781

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These two fully-searchable CD-ROMs contain all 28 volumes detailing the research and development of microwave radar and associated technologies that emerged from the wartime output of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Radiation Laboratory. Between 1940 and 1945, hundreds of scientists collaborated in this unique program to produce microwave technologies to bolster the Allied war effort. Now, this information is presented in an electronic edition as both a basic microwave technology resource and historic preservation. To search the CD Roms: In order to view and search the 28 volumes contained on these two CD-ROMs, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Adobe Acrobat Reader software is free from Adobe and is provided on the CDs, along with instructions for installation. PLEASE NOTE: This is an older 32-Bit version of Adobe Acrobat and is not compatible with newer 64-bit version operating systems. Please use a more current version of Adobe to access the CD-ROM's in that case. Once you have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can view all 28 volumes of the Radiation Laboratory Series page-by-page. Or you can easily search each volume for key words and phrases in order to find specific information you need. For added convenience, Volume 28 is the index to the entire Radiation Laboratory Series. In combination with Adobe Acrobat Reader's easy-to-use search function, this volume is a very helpful resource for researching specific topics or locating historical information. Compatible with PC and Macintosh systems.
Contents of CD 1;
Title Author(s) Copyright Date
Radar System Engineering Louis N. Ridenour 1947
Radar Aids to Navigation John S. Hall 1947
Radar Beacons Arthur Roberts 1947
Loran, Long Range Navigation John A. Pierce et al 1948
Pulse Generators G. Norris Glasgoe et al 1948
Microwave Magnetrons George B. Collins 1948
Klystrons and Microwave Triodes Donald R. Hamilton et al 1948
Principles of Microwave Circuits Carol G. Montgomery et al 1948
Microwave Transmission Circuits George L. Ragan 1948
Waveguide Handbook Nathan Marcuvitz 1951
Technique of Microwave Measurement Carol G. Montgomery 1947
Microwave Antenna Theory and Design Samuel Silver 1949
Propagation of Short Radio Waves Donald E. Kerr 1951
Microwave Duplexers Louis D. Smullin et al 1948
Contents of CD 2;
Crystal Rectifiers Henry C. Torrey 1948
Microwave Mixers Robert V. Pound 1948
Components Handbook John F. Blackburn 1949
Vacuum Tube Amplifiers George E. Valley 1948
Waveforms Britton Chance et al 1949
Electronic Time Measurements Britton Chance et al 1949
Electronic Instruments Ivan A. Greenwood 1948
Cathode Ray Tube Displays Theodore Soller 1948
Microwave Receivers Stanley N. Van Voorhis 1948
Threshold Signals James L. Lawson 1950
Theory of Servomechanisms Hubert M. James 1947
Radar Scanners and Radomes Willoughby M. Cady et al 1948
Computing Mechanisms and Linkages Antonin Svoboda et al 1948
Index Keith Henney, Editor 195
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