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Magnetic Sensors and Magnetometers

Magnetic Sensors and Magnetometers

By (author): Pavel Ripka
Copyright: 2000
Pages: 514
ISBN: 9781580530576

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Whether you're an expert or new to the field, this unique resource offers you a thorough overview of the principles and design of magnetic sensors and magnetometers, as well as guidance in applying specific devices in the real world. From exploring sensor and magnetometer properties for optimum system design - to the testing and calibration of precise magnetometers for full utilization, this book serves as your complete reference. You get practical approaches to selecting the right sensors for specific applications and advice on starting the development of a customized device. The book covers both multi-channel and gradiometric magnetometer systems, special problems such as cross-talk and crossfield sensitivity, and comparisons between different sensors and magnetometers with respect to various application areas. Miniaturization and the use of new materials in magnetic sensors are also discussed. A comprehensive list of references to journal articles, books, proceedings and webpages helps you find additional information quickly. Supported with 315 illustrations and 340 equations.
Basics - Magnetic Quantities and Units. Magnetic States of Matter. Magnetic Materials for Sensor Applications. Sensor Specifications.; Induction Sensors - Air Coils. Search Coils With a Ferromagnetic Core. Noise Matching to an Amplifier. Design Examples. Other Measuring Coils.; Fluxgate Sensors - Orthogonal-Type Fluxgates. Core Shapes of Parallel-Type Fluxgates. Theory of Fluxgate Magnetometer. Principles of Fluxgate Magnetometers. Exitation. Tuning the Output Voltage. Current-Output (or Short-Circuited) Fluxgate. Noise and Offset Stability. Crossfield Effect. Designs of Fluxgate Magnetometers. Miniature Fluxgates. ac Fluxgate. Multiaxis Magnetometers. Fluxgate Gradiometers.; Magnetoresistors - AMR Sensors. GMR Sensors.; Hall-Effect Magnetic Sensors - Basics of the Hall Effect and Hall Devices. High Electron Mobility Thin-Film Hall Elements. Integrated Hall Sensors. Nonplatelike Hall Magnetic Sensors.; Magneto-Optical Sensors - Faraday and Magneto-Optical Kerr Effects. Sensors of Magnetic Fields and Electric Currents. Geometric Measurements.; Resonant Magnetometers - Magnetic Resonance. Proton Precession Magnetometers. Optically Pumped Magnetometers.; Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDs) -Introduction. SQUID Sensors. SQUID Operation. Input Circuits. Refrigeration. Environmental Noise (Noise Reduction). Applications.; Other Principles - Magnetoimpedance and Magnetoinductance. Magnetoelastic Field Sensors. Biological Sensors.; Applications of Magnetic Sensors - Biomagnetic Measurements. Navigation. Military and Security. Automotive Applications. Nondestructive Testing. Magnetic Marking and Labeling. Geomagnetic Measurements: Mineral Prospecting, Object Location, and Variation Stations. Space Research.; Testing and Calibration Instruments - Calibration Coils. Magnetic Shielding.; Magnetic Sensors for Nonmagnetic Variables - Position Sensors. Proximity and Rotation Detectors. Force and Pressure. Torque Sensors. Magnetic Flowmeters. Current Sensors. Sensors Using Magnetic Liquids.; Magnetic Sensors, Magnometers, and Calibration Equiptment Manufacturers. List of Symbols and Abbreviations.
  • Pavel Ripka Pavel Ripka is an associate professor in the Electrotechnical Faculty at Czech Technical University. He is the author of more than 100 published scientific papers and holds a C.Sc. and Docent in measurement science from Czech Technical University.
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